Monday, August 28, 2006

Sweetie Redux

Let us press on.

As I was saying the other day, before I got overwhelmed with rantiness (for which I apologize since, let us agree, Zhang Jiehai is scarce worth the time) I’d spent an afternoon looking for a date.

Though those feelers I’d put out came up dry that day, they made for a busier weekend, as each of the women I’d called suggested meets over the next few evenings.

So now it was my turn to put off Holly and Joy, and make time for Sweetie instead, Sweetie who I had not seen and not much thought of since our last encounter. She messaged me from work and suggested we meet for dinner, and since (for me as much as her) this was merely the prelude to sex I took her to the Quanjude restaurant just near where I live, so that it should not take us long to get to bed. It’s a trifle touristy, full of foreigners and fake Qing stuff, and the duck is a little greasy. But it answered to the purpose.

Naturally she arrived holding her gameboy in her hands, engrossed in whatever vapid game she was now playing. This was perhaps just as well, for, having been out with her a few times by this point, I had more or less exhausted all I had to say to her. Having almost nothing in common with her, there was little to talk about. So while her game buzzed and twittered away I leafed through that day’s Spiegel, exchanging the odd comment with her.

But our conversation picked up a little as we ate. She told me about an affair she’d had in the months since I’d seen her. As I mentioned before, she works in a Japanese company and, like Ellen, she seems to have to put up with some weirdness.

Now her boss was a Japanese guy, married, older, and a real brain, too. He’d graduated from Stanford while still a teenager, and was fluent to native speaker level in a fistful of languages. She’s known him a few months and one night, things `just happened.’ But it got fucked up bad, and soon. For he does not trust women, having come through a tough divorce; and is highly traditional and things a woman should be just-so. As Sweetie is highly untraditional, the path off the rails was clear right there. But it went to smash far bigger than just that.

Sweetie knew the wife, too, and had spent time at their home. `That must be quite tough, to have to pretend in front of her?’ I said. But Sweetie was insouciant. `No, not really.. I can do that easily.’

So after one dinner these three shared together, the wife suggests she stay the night, it being late and wet, a situation in which, in Shanghai, finding a cab is next to impossible. And so she stayed, and, a little while after she’d gone to bed, the guy came to her. “I guess just to say goodnight,” Sweetie explained, “But passion took over.. I asked him if he’d locked the door, and he said he had.. and I checked it, too. But then somehow it was open and his wife saw us.. saw us fucking on the bed. And when she saw that she just turned away.”

Upshot was, Japanese guy decided he wanted Sweetie to move in full time, and treat his wife like her sister (which she said to me with a snort of scorn.) The wife, for her part, was unmoved. This was but her duty, as she saw it. The guy told Sweetie – “When we got married I told her I would never divorce her, as long as she did not leave me, but that if I met a woman, and something happened, I might bring her home..” And this, it seemed, was quite acceptable for the wife. It’s a fucking shitty piece of behavior on his part, since clearly an offer like that would not work both ways, and if she took a lover a guy like that would just do one. Scumbag. This wife’s lot is tough, to hear Sweetie tell it. She is merely a slave, walks dutifully behind him, waits on him hand and foot; while he is drinking and laughing with cronies she sits stock still in the next room, tending the tea so she can bring it to each guy as soon as his cup is empty; cannot work, cannot socialize, can do nothing but housework, nothing but tend to him.

And then he tried the same attitude on Sweetie; so, the next evening she said she was going out for a walk and he, “Wait until we are ready to come with you.” She explained she wanted to go on her own, wanted time alone; and he did not like that. And so this putative relationship soon blew up into arguments and fights and she got out of there, back to her own flat.

After our meal it was to this flat she wanted to go, rather than back to my place. And that was fine by me – better, in fact, since it meant I could leave in the morning when I wanted, rather than, if she stayed with me, chafing and fretting until she left.

Not, of course, that she quite said ‘Let’s go back to my flat to fuck.’ Instead, she used the line I generally use, that she could ‘show’ me her flat. So into a cab, and off to Kanping Lu kissing, caressing, touching as we went, to a rather pleasant, leafy part of town, where she had a place on the top floor of a five storey flat. As I walked up the steps behind her, my eyes played across her butt, her legs, the tight short black skirt, the black stockings, looking forward to what was to come, knowing she would soon be dying under me. I fast-forwarded in my head to how it would be when I undressed her, what color panties were waiting my gaze under the fabric of her clothing.

Unusually for a woman, her flat was an absolute mess; but a sexy mess, with bras and panties strewn everywhere, some clean, drying on racks, some dirty, slung to the floor. Reds and greens, silks and satins, frills and bows and laces, blues and blacks…

She made some half-effort to tidy up, before I stopped her telling her it was sexier this way, stimulating; so too was the unmade bed, the duvet half on the floor from when she had got up this morning. I liked it like this; clearly she had not prepared for my arrival, had had little thought of seeing me when she began her day. It was a titillating idea, that she had got out of bed with no particular plan, that her mind had roamed to me and she had called me, sought me, and was bringing me back here to fuck. I liked the casual way of it, the simplicity, and the intimacy too – to see her bedroom as it really is, her life raw, not prepared. It was also sexy because mess like this is more generally the province of a teenager, and while she is 23 or 24, the strewn lingerie made it seem like the room of a younger woman.

And so while she freshened up I lay on the bed, reaching down to pick a pair of panties from the floor, feeling their slick silk texture under my fingers, pressing them to my nose to inhale her scent, and once again running through in my mind what was about to happen.

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where are you dude? said...

you posted it in 6 am in shanghai?
oh man, you just dreamt a fuck !!

Anonymous said...


1. Lives in Shanghai. (Came to China six years ago.)
2. From England. (Also spent time in Germany and Australia)
3. 34 years old (born 1971).
4. Teaches English in various universities.
5. Knows Jiao Tong university well.
6. Gives his msn/email to students at the end of classes.
7. Lives on or near Huai Hai Road.
8. Reasonably good spoken/written Chinese.
9. Email address:
10. Employment in England has included: working for several years for H4H; working in an environmental pressure group at Westminster; working in a project related with mental health.
11. Regularly dines at the Shanghai restaurant, ‘Le Garçon Chinois’.

PLEASE ASSIST by adding the relevant blog passage to the below FOOTNOTES:

LITTLE BLACK BOOK -- Friday, August 25, 2006
“… she reminded me of a girlfriend back in England … And this particular girlfriend back in England was a long term part of my life, and the years I spent in Germany and then Australia.”

3. LITTLE BLACK BOOK -- Friday, August 25, 2006 -- (as he wrote in the COMMENTS section)
“I love my parents because they have raised me, not because 34 years ago my Dad fucked my Mum.” ; and,
He has earlier stated he was born in the year of the dog – (1971 = yr of the dog).

SEDUCING CHRISTINE #4 -- Saturday, August 19, 2006
“So after eating we walked along Huai Hai Road back to my place.”

Six yrs in China + Frequent use of Chinese in blog.

As recorded in his “Profile” for his website.

10. LITTLE BLACK BOOK -- Friday, August 25, 2006 -- (as he wrote in the COMMENTS section)
“I worked for several years for H4H, as well as in an environmental pressure group at Westminster. I also did a stint helping in a project related with mental health.”


Chinabounderess said...

I can't believe that Japanese man, that is totally sick!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Foreign love denied 9/8/2006 9:30

Fu Yingqing/ Shanghai Daily news

Hundreds of local women who signed up for the chance to attend a matchmaking party with 11 single or divorced men visiting town for a week from the United States have had their hearts broken by city officials, Shanghai Daily reported.

The Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau banned the event yesterday, saying ... MORE ...

Anonymous said...

that's messed up. why the hell do the Shanghai authorities ban this!!!???

James said...

Because, if you couldn't tell from other comment sections, Chinese guys don't really dig foreigners "stealing" their women. Of course it isn't stealing, it's presenting them with a choice. After weighing the two options one seems much more attractive then the other ... in several ways ... and then the chinese man has nothing to do but be bitter and start witch hunts.


fffffffffffffffffffffffffffff said...

still very curious,
why so many chinese pay so much
to learn a looser's language, which is merely a dialect in english.

the loosers only can give a low quality service, look at the places they ruled before, they all speak a strange english, alien to american's.

please note those places were ruled by those loosers for long time, now look at what the loosers taught them?

Why they fail to speak good english? because they learn from a looser's secondary language.

briton pronuciation is cumbersome,
is not streamlined, it has no tones to express emotions, it only demonstrates inferior communication capabilities.

For quality service, please choose american english, it's genuene, smooth, beautiful, and above all,
it renders more productivity, and opportunity to your personal endeavours.

It's a winner language and it produces winners

Your time and money are precious,
don't waste them on loosers.

Anonymous said...





ffffffffffffffffffffffffff said...

Several facts about winners and loosers

winners speak fluent english and comminicate effctively.

winners unite and fight back terrorism.

winners learn from lessons to secure their country,

winners expand globally,

winners protect their workers while achieving globalization goal.

winners lead war against evils.

winners educate and produce winners either themselves or visible minorities.

winners control lands even if they are not their territory, i.e., Taiwan,Japan...

Now take a glance at loosers

loosers speak rough, zigzag-ed, accented english, lack of effective communication skills

loosers hide before terrorist and sacred to tremble.

loosers never learn a lesson.
4 years after 911, alas,they are bombed in london subway.

loosers shrink globally, fail everywhere.

loosers fail to protect their workers when US giants make loosers potential english teachers through a method called shut-down-branches-wrongly-opened-in-loosers -land.

loosers beg for protection during the war against evils.

loosers' education failure only produces clumbsy english speakers.
No inventors, no cutting-edge leaders, no shining figures.

loosers lost lands, i.e., HK, in their control to CPC without daring a fart. It's american statemen stand up for HK people's interest. loosers simple sit there and weep.

hehe said...

I like the way you speak. Sardonic and poignant. What a smart guy!

ffffffffffffffffffffff said...

More about loosers

loosers enjoy a game called soccer,
22 men running like donkeys for 90 minutes without a single score?!
Moreover, they never win a world cup champion of this game by fair play.

There was a law suit against Da Vinci code. Four loosers charges Dan Brown for pirating.

Dan Brown's wrongdoings is obvious . Jesus Christ, the looser lost the case.LOL. whatelse i can call them otherthan loosers?

baxxor said...

ffffffffffffffff, do you realise how much of a loser you come across as being?

You seem to love trying to insult England and the English as much as possible, in an infantile attempt to try and somehow outrage Chinabounder, but for people with intelligence and maturity (things you seem to lack) such a tactic doesn't work.

In an attempt to provoke Chinabounder, you then decide to praise America while denigrating England, but what you fail to realise is that there are plenty of Americans in China doing exactly what Chinabounder does - only they don't blog about it. Which kind of makes your entire argument look silly.

To make matters worse, it's imbeciles like you, with your barely coherent English, and idiotic remarks, that perpetuate the stereotype of Chinese being a pack of raving Nationalists unable to think for themselves, thus doing far more damage to China and its reputation, that anything Chinabounder has done.

Just shut the ffffffffffffffuck up will you.

Anonymous said...

you are dog!
say you slept with bunch of Chinese bitches, say you brought all your story up, what's your point?

baxxor said...

I also love how half of your "looser" characteristics (and none of the winner characteristics) can be applied to China and the Chinese. You couldn't be more stupid if you tried.

BTW, the only people who don't score in Soccer, are the Chinese. As you seem well educated in Chinese history, I'm sure I don't need to tell you that the only time China managed to qualify for the World Cup, it scored a grand total of Zero goals in all its matches.

ffffffffffffffffffffffffffff said...

Money-wise perspective about loosers

winners take care of tax-payer's money, only use them for public's and conutry's best interest.

loosers watse huge money on an old lady who even has no femene functionality at all. More money
will be spent on her donkey-looking son and an US widow. Ironic enough,
looser cried out desperately for a virgin when he decided to marry her. Unfortunately, loosers lost again.

The conclusion is loosers always lose.

Why they loose so often? as winners tell, lacking of communication ability contributes a lot.

Anonymous said...

Good lord these bitches are easy into bed. I've always wanted to live in a city with free prostitutes, now I know where I can.

Anonymous said...



learn to spell you idiot...

perchance an American Chinese who still hasn't picked up the intricacies of the English language?


baxxor said...

The conclusion is loosers always lose. Why they loose so often? as winners tell, lacking of communication ability contributes a lot.

fffffffff, I think everyone reading this, will agree with you. You've provided so many great examples of your own lack of communication ability, that you've proved this point many times over.

ffffffffffffffffffffffffff said...

baxxor, feel angry? gotcha.

all I said it veracity, are u trying to deny the fact? isn't Britain much less powerful than US?. isn't US much more attractive than you loosers?

american cares nothing about silly soccer game. the exmaple only serves the purpose to demostrate how loosers lose.

will you accept that a randomly assembled
US team can easily defeat well trained British teams? Please notice this team has many visible minorities, under US training, defeat a looser is so easy...

fffffffffffffffffffffffffff said...

a looser wants to judge a winner's ability?

Unless he proves he is not.

Anonymous said...

Hi u son of a b****, u know how famous you r in shanghai huh? Your blog and ur bloody name will saturate China's newspaper and blogosphere soon. Chinese don't like u at all and we r going to move ur ass back to ur own country. I heard that u r a teacher but I can't believe u post all the dirty things about your f**ked up personal life and sex to the public. U also enjoy insulting Japense and Chinese guys, telling from you post and comments. I don't think in China, we need a teach who enjoy fucking students and ladies who already haev a family. You are bringing nasty things to China, AS A TEACHER.

To the one who speaks for you: 你的中文好像不错嘛,只会骂人吗?如果你们只会侮辱别人,请你们滚出中国。你们写的那些肮脏的东西和侮辱性的话好像在你们想象中是理所当然的。如果你们只是想在中国好好玩玩,感受上海的欲望,然后顺便侮辱中国人,你们最好卷铺盖走人。知道吗?很多你们白皮肤的人,在各个国家(中国、日本、新加坡...)的大学都以猎艳为乐,而并不正真注重学业和教育,你们所作的事情已经破坏了你们自己的形象。如果你们想学习中文,我可以好好教教你,如果不是,滚!

ffffffffffffffffffffffff said...

statistically, Briton speakers spend 2 more seconds to say a long phrase.

Will winner waste their precious 2 seconds to listen to a zigzaged accented looser? No way.

baxxor said...

fffffffffffffff, I don't feel angry in the slightest. If anything, I'm amused by your continued display of petty diatribes, which more than anything else, make the Chinese look more stupid than anyone else. Americans do care about soccer, hence their participation in the recent world cup (which China failed to qualify for). Unfortunately, the US team didn't even manage to get past the first round, and wouldn't stand a chance against the UK team.

Also, I am neither American, or British, and quite frankly I think my own country is far better than either of them. It might not as powerful on the world stage, but the quality of life where I live is much higher, based not only on my own personal experience of having lived in those places, but also on UN surveys of countries with high quality of living.

Anonymous said...

Is there a British soccer team? Come on, Scots hate English override them for centuries. Scotland and England are separate countries, so are the soccer teams. And Scots speak Gaelic not English.

Anonymous said...

To baxxor: you wanna talk about table tennis? loser

fffffffffffffffffffffff said...

a looser just chanllenge me for spelling.

Again, this demonstrates
this looser is no-brainer.

He seems to forget there is a productivity-increasing tool invented by US, spelling-checker.

Being so unproductive, no surprise to see Britian plunges like a falling stone. Too many loosers, poor Great Britain.

Anonymous said...

Hi u son of a b****, u know how famous you r in shanghai huh? Your blog and ur bloody name will saturate China's newspaper and blogosphere soon. Chinese don't like u at all and we r going to move ur ass back to ur own country. I heard that u r a teacher but I can't believe u post all the dirty things about your f**ked up personal life and sex to the public. U also enjoy insulting Japense and Chinese guys, telling from you post and comments. I don't think in China, we need a teach who enjoy fucking students and ladies who already haev a family. You are bringing nasty things to China, AS A TEACHER.

To the one who speaks for you: 你的中文好像不错嘛,只会骂人吗?如果你们只会侮辱别人,请你们滚出中国。你们写的那些肮脏的东西和侮辱性的话好像在你们想象中是理所当然的。如果你们只是想在中国好好玩玩,感受上海的欲望,然后顺便侮辱中国人,你们最好卷铺盖走人。知道吗?很多你们白皮肤的人,在各个国家(中国、日本、新加坡...)的大学都以猎艳为乐,而并不正真注重学业和教育,你们所作的事情已经破坏了你们自己的形象。如果你们想学习中文,我可以好好教教你,如果不是,滚!

baxxor said...

fffffffffff, please, looser is a word, but it's not the word you think it is. Looser means "more loose" i.e. not tight. So of course it's not going to be picked up as a problem in the spell-checker. Loser means "someone who loses".

Spell-checkers only do part of the job. The rest has to be done by the brain... something you seem to lack.

As for talking about table-tennis, sure why not. A game invented by the English. The Chinese also happen to be very good at it - unlike any team sport, where the Chinese fall apart. Back to soccer though, it's interesting to note that while the men's team is useless, the women's team regularly performs well. Hmmmmm... once again, a problem with Chinese men and performance.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure about the separation of Scotland and England? As I know English supported Scotland quite much in the Eucopean Cup 2004.

Anonymous said...

I wanna fuck your mother,your grand mother, your sisiter,your girfriends,your every women in your family. be carfully some one wanna cut your cock!!!



ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff said...

US team plays soccer for fun, like normal american does. do you think they take it seriouly?

The most noticible is these visible minority players display strong capability to defeat secondary species under american dream and american spirit.

And american is open, willing to let people learn from her, achieve mutual benefit. American never conquers other countries, never trade drugs. While loosers do all the reverse and fail disgracefully and completedly.

Loosers has no dream, satisfied with current situation, never think of who give them all this. Without american, loosers would happily speak German now.

baxxor said...

fffffffffffffff, Americans never trading drugs? Ha, well, I guess you're not as educated as you like to think you are.

Also, the English might be speaking German, but remember that if not for the Americans, you'd be speaking Japanese. And before you start worshipping the Americans more than you already do, please remember, there are many Americans in Shanghai doing exactly what Chinabounder does. Your apparent love of America and hatred of Britain just serves to highlight your idiocy and hypocrisy.

fffffffffffffffffffffffff said...

baxxor, you seems really don't know modern american.

I made lot of errors i admit.

Picking out "loose" shows your inept for communicate with general american.

american loves to be distinct, they invent.

"loose" the double O emphasizes you are a loser, got it?

if u still don't understand, let me explain you a sex way.

if chinabonder's mom's pussy is too loose, and forget to charge money after the fair, she loses money.

got it?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
As I know English supported Scotland quite much in the Eucopean Cup 2004.

Not the other way around. Those who dare to support England got beaten in Scotland during World Cup 2006.

baxxor said...

ffffffffffff, no intelligent person would use double O to emphasize this fact. Perhaps a triple O like loooser would be used, or something like luser, as both of these avoid a conflict with another word. Using "looser" just makes you look like a loser who can't spell.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



baxxor said...

fffffffffffffffffffffffff said...
baxxor, you seems really don't know modern american.

I made lot of errors i admit.

Picking out "loose" shows your inept for communicate with general american.

american loves to be distinct, they invent.

"loose" the double O emphasizes you are a loser, got it?

if u still don't understand, let me explain you a sex way.

if chinabonder's mom's pussy is too loose, and forget to charge money after the fair, she loses money.

got it?

Bingo! She is a loooooooooser.

fffffffffffffffffffffffff said...

baxxor seem having serious liguistic problem.

american likes to borrow word, add meaning, being creative.

as you stick to dying looser language, i really have nothing to share with a granite head.

read some US blogs first, BS.

Anonymous said...

Bangkok/Boulder, Colorado - An American schoolteacher accused of murdering a 6-year-old beauty queen in a notorious 1996 US case has told police in Thailand that the girl died accidentally from an overdose of chloroform he administered before raping her.

John Mark Karr, 41, was arrested Wednesday in the Thai capital and was expected to be extradited within days to the US to face charges in the case. Police had been tracking him for several months following email exchanges he conducted with a journalism professor who made several documentaries on the JonBenet Ramsey case.

A senior Thai police official told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa that under questioning in Bangkok, Karr said he had chloroformed the child so that he could rape her in the basement of her home.

'He told us that after sex he realized he had accidently killed her,' said General Suwat Tumrongsiskul, director of immigration police. 'He also told us that they loved each other. She was 'his' beauty queen.'

In a press conference in Boulder, Colorado, where the murder took place, District Attorney Mary Lacy insisted there was still a lot of work to be done on the case.

'John Karr is innocent until proven guilty,' she said, reciting a familiar presumption of US courts.

Karr, who for years had travelled around Asia teaching English, appeared nervous when presented Thursday to a crowded US-Thai press conference.

'I loved JonBenet. She died accidentally,' he said.

Karr has been in Thailand for two months and recently applied for a job as an English teacher.

He was apprehended after an investigation involving 'lots of people, lots of agencies working for a long time,' said Ann Hurst, attache for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

She said he had been tracked for three weeks before his arrest Wednesday by Thai police, working with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Karr will be extradited to Colorado within days to face investigation and trial on charges of premeditated murder, kidnap and abuse of a minor, she said.

When officers seized him in his small, central Bangkok apartment he rebutted the charge of first-degree murder.

'It was not first-degree. It was second degree. It was an accident,' General Suwut quoted Karr as saying when he was arrested.

The murder of JonBenet in Colorado caused a sensation in the US when initial police suspicions fell on her wealthy parents, John and Patsy Ramsey. Despite years of suspicion, however, no solid evidence was ever presented against them.

Before her death, the child had been entered in several beauty contests by her former beauty queen mother and businessman father. This prompted one US newspaper to describe her as 'a painted baby, a sexualized toddler beauty queen.'

A score of books, including one by the parents, have been written in the last decade about the crime and its aftermath.

Karr was wanted in Sonoma County, California, for failing to appear in court in December 2001 on five counts of possession of child pornography, according to the Bay City News Service. His wife, reportedly the mother of his three children, divorced him after he was charged, according to the Petaluma Argus-Courier.

He was employed for a few months as a substitute elementary school teacher in California in 2001, records show. His resumes subsequently list teaching jobs in Asia, Europe and Latin America, according to the Rocky Mountain News.

Karr's brother, Nate Karr, insisted that his brother was innocent but that he might have become a suspect after doing 'in-depth' research for a book he proposed to write about men who commit crimes against girls, including JonBenet.

'This is the only possible way that we think that he could have been brought into this, because, of course, there is going to be no physical evidence,' Nate Karr told Fox News.

The Ramsey family attorney, Lin Wood, told MSNBC that the arrests had vindicated a family who had been enormously abused by the justice system and popular opinion. Wood said that the family has given evidence about Karr to the police, though it remains unclear if they knew the suspect.

The mother, Patsy Ramsey, died of ovarian cancer in June.

'Patsy was aware that authorities were close to making an arrest in the case, and had she lived to see this day, would no doubt have been as pleased as I am with today's development almost 10 years after our daughter's murder,' John Ramsey said in a statement.

Teachers of English get little screening
The Associated Press

Published: August 21, 2006

BANGKOK The English-teaching circuit in Asia is filled with transients. It is a floating network of backpackers looking to make quick cash while traveling the world, recent college graduates in search of overseas experience and those on the move with something to hide.

In a region that hungers to learn the language that is equated with opportunity and success, the demand for native- speaking English teachers far outweighs supply in many countries.

Turnover is high and screening is minimal at many language centers, opening windows for many candidates with phony credentials or even those suspended from teaching at home - like the suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case, John Mark Karr - to skip unnoticed into classrooms across Asia.

"A telephone interview, a resume and a picture of the candidate is all we have," said Kim Soo Ho, an official at Englishwork, a teacher recruiting agency in Seoul, South Korea. "It is physically difficult to check the background of people when they are overseas."

Karr, 41, taught for a few months in South Korea in 2002, Honduras in 2005 and at schools in Bangkok this year before his arrest last week by Thai officials. He has said he was with JonBenet when the 6-year-old child beauty queen died 10 years ago in her Colorado basement.

According to an online resume, Karr also worked as a private teacher and caregiver in Germany, the Netherlands and Costa Rica beginning in 2001. In April of that same year, he was arrested in California for possession of child pornography and vanished after serving six months in jail. His teaching license was suspended a year later.

Convicted sex offenders from various countries have popped up in Asia as English teachers. Earlier this month, an Australian who taught English in Indonesia was arrested and accused of molesting street children. He told the police he had videotaped at least 50 teenage boys.

Another Australian teacher who faced sex allegations at home committed suicide last week in Indonesia, where he also was accused by human right activists of abusing children.

"It's a very traditional pedophile strategy," said Bernadette McMenamin, head of the Australian-based advocacy group Child Wise. "If you want to sexually abuse children, what better job would there be?"

She said that foreign teachers with criminal histories can easily stay beneath the radar because background information is not readily shared between countries, making the screening process difficult for even the most prestigious institutions.

Karr taught first grade for two weeks in June at one of Bangkok's finest schools before he was fired for being too strict.

"People who are offenders of all sorts are being able to move anonymously across borders," said Carmen Madrinan, executive director of Bangkok- based Ecpat International, a network of organizations working to fight commercial sexual exploitation of children.

She said that the demand for English skills in Asia, especially in countries like Thailand where tourism drives the economy, puts pressure on schools to fill job vacancies quickly.

But she said that administrators are stuck in the middle of a system with no simple solutions because there is no easy way to verify foreign applicants' credentials or criminal records.

Fake teaching documents also are cheap and easy to obtain in Asia, and jobs are there for the taking. For example, last year in Japan, there were 4,500 foreign language schools with nearly 14,000 teachers. South Korea had 12,000 native English speakers teaching at private schools as of May.

And Web sites post openings at schools in countries throughout the world.

Some local language schools, eager to capitalize on the lucrative business, also have questionable reputations, with centers opening for a few months, then moving unexpectedly or even shutting down without notice.

Education officials in Thailand have told local media they will work with schools and the police to tighten screening procedures. But Madrinan said that even in the United States, where many safeguards are in place, sexual predators continue to slip through the cracks.

"It's a complicated issue," she said. But when there are repeat offenders or offenders of a criminal nature, "then you have to ask: 'Should they be allowed to leave in the first place?'"

English Teacher in Cambodia sentenced to 10 years

Due to the actions of one English teacher in Cambodia, disrepute has been brought to the ESL industry.

Damien Walker, 26, an Australian English teacher in Cambodia was arrested and charged with debauchery in December and sentenced yesterday to 10 years in prison.

Walker has not only brought shame to himself and his family, but also put a dent in the repuatation of English teachers working abroad.

The Sydney Morning Herald states:

Walker had been teaching at the Light of Hope Children's Village, a school for orphaned and abandoned children in the capital Phnom Penh run by Christian education group International Children's Care (ICC) Australia, based in Warragul, Victoria.

English teachers deal with a large range of student ages. From infants to senior citizens. Let's keep the slate clean and remain professional at all times both in and out of the classroom and adhere to local laws.
(AP) - SAN JOSE, Costa Rica-John Mark Karr bragged to his landlord's wife that sexually he was "like a wolf," and said he "liked little boys and girls" when he worked in Costa Rica as an English teacher, his former housemates told The Associated Press.

Karr, now jailed in the United States after his arrest in Thailand, faces a Colorado warrant for the 1996 murder of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey.

COFFEEVILLE, Ala. - An English teacher at a small Alabama high school has been charged with having sex with at least four students and allegedly involving one in a plot to kill her husband.

Officials released few details but said the husband, a gym teacher who taught at the same school last year, was unharmed.

School officials were first tipped off to concerns about the teacher in 2004 by an unsigned letter accusing Sharon Linton Rutherford of sleeping with students, Clarke County Schools Superintendent Gerald Stephens said.

In recent months we have seen a spate of reports about English teachers running into trouble with the authorities in the countries where they work.

Dear all,

The alleged offences range from infringement of visa and work permit regulations to far more serious charges of drug use. The penalties the teachers face may be deportation at one end of the spectrum to lengthy prison sentences, or worse, at the other end.

All this is obviously alarming to both prospective teachers and the schools that employ them. Young people in unfamiliar surroundings are vulnerable to those who wish to exploit them. They may unwittingly break local visa or employment rules or acquire fake papers. Of course, others will do so deliberately and for these the penalties they face are the consequences of their own foolishness. But what responsibility does the employing school have to teachers in respect of local visa and employment laws? In my view they have a duty to act in two ways.

First they should keep up-to-date with these laws in their own country and ensure that they pass on accurate information to any teachers they wish to employ. Secondly, they have a duty to inspect the teacher’s papers to ensure that they are in order. If they have any doubts, they should raise the problem at once and, if necessary, accompany the teacher to the appropriate departments to find out exactly what needs to be done. Both teachers and employers must act in good faith and do their utmost to comply with regulations.

Beyond that, there are steps that are advisable for a school to take to protect teachers and their own reputation. For example, if it is available they could take out insurance to cover the legal costs of any disputes. This will allow them to appoint lawyers to represent the teachers if necessary. They could also try to establish a good relationship with the local police and the local officials responsible for enforcing visa and employment regulations so that an atmosphere of trust and cooperation is built up.

Significantly, almost no writer who has worked in this industry - the list includes the writers Tim Parks, Matthew Kneale, Peter Robb and J K Rowling - has a good word to say about it. The definitive description of the TEFL bum's predicament is surely a passage at the beginning of Cara Massimina, a novel by Tim Parks in which Morris Duckworth, a young English teacher in Verona, is led to crime and, eventually, madness by his attempt to escape from the trap that his life has become:

No, it was awful. He was living from hand-to-mouth, from one day to the next, one month to another, week in week out. From the point of view of career, social advances, financial gain, the last two-and-a-half years had been completely wasted. More that that, they had left him physically exhausted and mentally addled by all these stupid lessons, besieged by boredom and mediocrity . . . He had reached the end of his tether . . . What was a language teacher in the end? A nobody. A mere failed somebody else.

Sad words, but all too true - and ones that should be inscribed above the entrance of every English language school.

the privacy of some allegedly irresponsible foreign English teachers is being outrageously, and possibly illegally invaded on the website of a group called the Korea Foreign Teachers Recruiting Association (

The association blacklisted some 20 foreign teachers who they say caused trouble or who were accused of some manner of wrongdoing. The alleged crimes of these individuals included what is described as "doing a midnight run" - leaving suddenly without notice, arriving for class drunk, and even of sexually harassing students. The latter being an extremely serious charge, and one that should not be made lightly or without evidence.

"The website was launched in February because there are many illegal foreigners in Korea that are not qualified to teach English here," said Choi Hyeok, president of the association. "Even though a great number of educational institutes were experiencing similar difficulties, we didn't have a place that can share this information."

Until Thursday of last week the blacklist enabled anyone who had prior access to the private details of a teacher, to list that individual's full name, passport number, birthdate, photo and their alleged crime on the association's website.

After The Korea Herald challenged the operators, the association deleted the passport numbers and birthdates of the teachers.

However, the teacher's names and their alleged crimes are still being published. By law, even the names of suspects in high profile criminal cases are protected until they are indicted by prosecutors.

For example, a legal expert told The Korea Herald, the full names of the French couple who prosecutors have identified as the parents in the now well-known case of the 'freezer babies' were kept private for more than three weeks before their lawyer gave the media permission to release their identities.

Some, or perhaps even all of the teachers on the list may have caused problems at their academies, or so called "hagwons" in Korea, as claimed in the posts. On the other hand, they may be completely innocent, and simply the target of a disgruntled hagwon director or a student with bad grades who bears a grudge. The fact that the people who contributed to the blacklist can hide behind anonymous user-names means none of the claims can be checked for accuracy before they are viewed by the general public. This immediately calls the process into serious question on both legal and moral grounds.

In an attempt to address the situation, last Wednesday a poster using the name "Westerner" wrote: "Do you guys know the laws related to defamation of character? Stating the passport number can bring a lot of trouble. Be ashamed of yourselves." A couple of hours after this post first appeared, the board moderator deleted it.

According to the law, personal information is something that belongs to a specific individual and is a tool that can identify the individual.

"Because a match can come up between a passport number and an individual, we can say a passport is personal information," said an official at the headquarters for e-gov at the Ministry of Government Information and Home Affairs.

Even without the passport number, if the full name and the reason the teacher is on the blacklist is being posted together, that is enough for the teacher to sue the accuser on charges of defamation of character, said a lawyer who only wanted to be identified by his surname "Lee."

"It doesn't matter whether the information is true or false, but if the post had the purpose of defamation, the accuser can be punished," Lee said. "Especially if the person-in-charge of the website didn't fact check the information beforehand."

Lee said it is entirely possible that the individual making the claims on the website had a personal agenda, unrelated to any alleged wrongdoing on the part of the accused.

If the information was not revealed for the public benefit, there is a better chance of punishment - serving time in jail or paying a fine - for the information provider, Lee said. But only the victims can file a lawsuit, he added.

Also, for disclosing personal information, an individual can served up to three years in prison or pay up to 10 million won in fines, according to the law.

Although the privacy of an individual should be protected, many are voicing opinions that a system that can easily do background checks on an applicant for the post of teacher should be made available to schools.

Some have cited the case of John Mark Karr, now the chief suspect in the murder of six-year-old beauty queen, JonBenet Ramsey. Karr taught English for a few months at a Korean academy in 2002. Thai officials arrested him last week for a crime he claims to have committed 10 years ago in the U.S. state of Colorado. A teacher blacklist may have revealed that he had at one time lost his teaching license for possession of child pornography, according to supporters of a blacklist.

Because the demand for native English teachers outweighs the supply in a number of Asian countries, critics have claimed it is too easy for many candidates with forged credentials or criminal records to come and teach in Korea, according to numerous recruiters.

Lee Seung-hae, who works for the online recruiting website Eicoedu, said a resume is what many recruiters depend on when they select their candidates.

"I wish we had an organized system that can check such personal information since the demand for native-speaking teachers is getting higher and higher," he told The Korea Herald, "but I know it won't be so easy."

"The victim ... and his family are the subject of a lot of scrutiny by members of the school community and (the) town community in which they live," prosecutor Elizabeth Griffith told a court hearing. "The victim has ... been teased and bullied and pointed out within the school community as somebody who might have been involved with the teacher."

Meanwhile, another woman teacher is facing charges for allegedly seducing one of her own 15-year-old students.

Natalina D'Addario (courtesy: The Australian)

Natalina D'Addario, a 36-year-old languages instructor from the Melbourne area is accused of beginning a sexual relationship with the teen in May.

Police say they engaged in oral sex on six occasions through July off school grounds. The affair reportedly came to a close in September when the boy notified his assistant principal of the liaisons.

These two cases are the latest in a series of Australian women having illicit relations with their male students.

According to the Australian, Cindy Leanne Howell, a female teacher's aide, was sentenced last month to at least two and a half years for preying on a 15-year-old boy; Sarah Jayne Vercoe was sentenced to four years for a series of sex offenses against five boys in Tasmania; and Karen Ellis of Victoria was jailed in May after pleading guilty to six charges of sexual penetration of a child under 16.

The Australian incidents are hauntingly reminiscent of the flood of cases reported in the United States and elsewhere.

Debra Lafave

Among the most well-known is the case of Debra Lafave, a 26-year-old reading teacher in Florida accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy in her classroom, car and at home. Her plea deal sparing her jail time and giving her just house arrest was thrown out last week and her trial is now slated for April 10.

Other cases collected from news reports by WND and iGossip include:

Adrianne Hockett: Accused of having sex with a 16-year-old special-needs student in a Houston apartment she rented for the get-togethers. The boy has testified the pair would "have sex, drink beer and smoke weed."

Amber Jennings, 31: Initially charged with having sex with a 16-year-old, the counts against the Sturbridge, Mass., woman were reduced to a single charge of disseminating harmful materials to a minor. She reportedly admitted e-mailing naked photos of herself to a former student.

Amber Marshall, 23: Northwest Indiana woman allegedly had sexual contact, including intercourse, with several students, and turned herself into authorities, telling police she knew what she did was illegal.

Amira Sa'Si, 30: Clayton County, Ga., woman remarked she didn't think her relationship was inappropriate based on her Internet research, learning the Peach State's age of consent is 16.

Amy Gail Lilley, 36: Inverness, Fla., woman charged with an alleged relationship with a 15-year-old girl.

Angela Stellwag, 24: Delran, N.J., woman accused of having sex in her apartment with a 14-year-old boy she met in school.

Beth Raymond, 31: Private-school employee from Pownal, Maine, charged with risk of injury to a minor and second-degree sexual assault of a juvenile male.

Bethany Sherrill, 24: Daughter-in-law of school-board president is charged with molesting a middle school student when he was 14.

Carol Flannigan

Carol Flannigan, 50: Boca Raton, Fla., music teacher reportedly slept with 11-year-old former student, and also had a simultaneous sexual relationship with the boy's father.

Celeste Emerick, 32: Police in Huber Heights, Ohio, say she hosted a party where students were shown porn.

Christina Gallagher, 26: Jersey City, N.J., woman ordered to pay more than $1,000 in fines, sentenced to a lifetime registration as a convicted sex offender and ordered to attend therapy for having sex with a 17-year-old student.

Deanna Bobo

Deanna Bobo, 37: Arkansas teacher allegedly had sex twice with a 14-year-old boy in his own bed while his parents were not home.

Donna Carr Galloway, 33: Married mother of two found naked in a car with a 17-year-old student.

Elisa Kawasaki, 25: Officials say ex-biology teacher had sexual relations with a 16-year-old student on up to 20 different occasions.

Elizabeth Miklosovic, 36: Grand Rapids, Mich., woman pleaded no contest to sexually assaulting a 14-year-old female student she "married" in a pagan ritual.

Elizabeth Stow, 26: Woman from Fresno, Calif., area convicted of having sex with three of her students was sentenced to nine years, but the judge suspended that sentence and gave her one year, possibly on house arrest, as well as faces five years probation.

Ellen Garfield, 43: Former student says teacher took him into an empty classroom where she worked, partially disrobed, and coaxed him into having sex with her in 1998. Garfield was acquitted of all charges in September of this year.

Emily Morris, 28: Alabama woman faced a possible 20-year sentence, but received one year in jail for having consensual sex with a 15-year-old student.

Erica Rutters, 29: York, Pa., woman allegedly wrote erotic messages to a 17-year-old student and had sexual intercourse with him four times in her apartment.

Georgianne Harrell, 24: Sylvester, Ga., woman charged with performing oral sex on a 9-year-old boy, allowing students to gaze down her blouse and slashing her wrists with glass in front of her students. She pleaded not guilty.

Gwen Ann Cardozo, 33: Colorado woman charged with having sex with a 17-year-old male student.

Heather Ingram, 30: Mathematics, science and business teacher in British Columbia had sex with a 17-year-old student.

Janelle Marie Bird, 24: Accused of having a two-year affair with a 15-year-old student from East Hill Christian School, in Pensacola, Fla.

Jaymee Wallace

Jaymee Wallace, 28: Basketball coach in Tampa, Fla., charged with having an 18-month lesbian relationship with a student.

Joan Marie Sladky, 28: Redwood City, Calif., woman sentenced to six months in county jail for having sex with a 16-year-old student after pleading no contest to four counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, oral copulation and penetration with a foreign object.

Katherine Tew, 30: Married English teacher from Greenville, N.C., arrested for having sex with a 17-year-old student.

Kathy White, 39: Charged with having sex with a 17-year-old student in Lumberton, Texas. Victim alleges: "She just started grabbing me and hormones were on and it just happened."

Kelly Lynn Dalecki, 28: Woman from St. Augustine, Fla., pleaded no contest to charges she had sex with a 13-year-old boy.

Kristen Margrif, 27: Michigan woman accused of having sex with a 16-year-old male student in her car or at his summer workplace.

Kristi Oakes

Kristi Dance Oakes, 32: Former Tennessee high-school teacher allegedly had sex with a 16-year-old boy who was in her biology class the previous year.

Lakina Stutts, 40: School-bus driver admitted to cops she had sex with a 14-year-old student in her home and in a car outside the boy's home.

Laura-Anne Brownlee, 26: Former music mistress at a top private school in Belfast, N. Ireland, was sentenced on six charges of indecently assaulting a 15-year-old boy.

Laura Lynn Findlay, 30: Middle-school band teacher in Buena Vista Township, Mich., charged with having sex with at least 5 students, one as young as 14.

Margaret De Barraicua

Margaret De Barraicua, 30: Sacramento, Calif., area woman arrested after police found her having sex with a 16-year-old male student in her car while the woman's toddler was strapped into a seat in the back.

Maria Saco, 28: Passaic, N.J., woman sentenced to a year in jail for an intimate relationship with a teen student who was 14 when they first met.

Mary Kay Letourneau, 34: Des Moines, Wash., woman did prison time after having an affair with a sixth-grade student, and had two children by him. The couple recently married.

Melissa Michelle Deel, 32: Bristol, Tenn., woman pleaded guilty to crossing the state line into Virginia to have oral sex with a 13-year-old male student.

Michelle Kush, 29: Ohio woman allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old boy several times during summer break.

Nicola Prentice, 22: British woman from Sheffield, England, given a 12-month suspended jail sentence after she seduced a 16-year-old student and began a 19-month affair.

Nicole Andrea Barnhart, 35: Colorado woman reportedly told police she loves the 16-year-old boy with whom she was having sex. She pled guilty to felony sexual assault on a child, resulting in a two-year prison sentence.

Nicole Pomerleau, 31: High-school English teacher in Charlotte, N.C., accused of having a sexual relationship with her 16-year-old student.

Pamela Smart, 22: Media-services director at Winnacunnet High School in Hampton, N.Y., had convinced her 15-year-old lover to murder her husband. The Nicole Kidman film "To Die For" is based on her story.

Pamela Turner, 27: Former model and beauty-pageant contestant accused of having a three-month sexual relationship with a 13-year-old boy.

Rachelle Vantucci, 32: Ex-substitute teacher in western New York admitted having sex with a 16-year-old boy.

Rebecca Boicelli, 33: Redwood City, Calif., woman gave birth to a baby last year and DNA test results gave prosecutors enough evidence to prove the father is Boicelli's former student, who was 16 at the time of conception.

Rhianna Ellis, 24: New York City teacher who allegedly had a 10-month affair with an 18-year-old, and allgedly gave birth to his baby.

Robin Gialanella, 26: Elementary teacher in Toms River, N.J., engaged in kissing, and inappropriate conduct and conversations with two sixth-grade boys, ages 11 and 12. She was sentenced to 364 days in jail.

Robin Winkis, 29: York, Pa., woman allegedly had sex with a 17-year-old boy after giving him alcohol.

Samantha Solomon, 29: Fired after school bosses learned she was having sex with a teenage boy. She denies the charges.

Sandra "Beth" Geisel, 42: Albany, N.Y., woman was fired from her job at an private all-boys school after police in found her in a parked car with a 17-year-old. She pleaded guilty to a single count of rape and was sentenced to six months in jail.

Shelley Allen, 35: East Texas teacher's aide accused of sexual assault and faces a possible 20 years behind bars.

Shelley White, 24: Geography teacher in Britain had been engaged to be married before she kissed a 15-year-old student on at least three occasions. She avoided jail, but received 12 months community service.

Stephanie Burleson: Volleyball coach and teacher at Floresville High School in Texas six years ago, pleaded guilty to all charges for molesting a 16-year-old female student. She was sentenced to 10 years probation, and required to register as a sex offender.

Susan Eble, 35: Former teacher's aide is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy.

Tara Lynn Crisp, 29: Police allege she had sex with a student at least three times beginning when he was 14.

Toni Lynn Woods, 37: The Braxton County, W.Va., woman confessed to having sexual intercourse with three juveniles a total of four times and oral sex with one of those juveniles and another juvenile a total of four times. She resigned.

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Significantly, almost no writer who has worked in this industry - the list includes the writers Tim Parks, Matthew Kneale, Peter Robb and J K Rowling - has a good word to say about it. The definitive description of the TEFL bum's predicament is surely a passage at the beginning of Cara Massimina, a novel by Tim Parks in which Morris Duckworth, a young English teacher in Verona, is led to crime and, eventually, madness by his attempt to escape from the trap that his life has become:

No, it was awful. He was living from hand-to-mouth, from one day to the next, one month to another, week in week out. From the point of view of career, social advances, financial gain, the last two-and-a-half years had been completely wasted. More that that, they had left him physically exhausted and mentally addled by all these stupid lessons, besieged by boredom and mediocrity . . . He had reached the end of his tether . . . What was a language teacher in the end? A nobody. A mere failed somebody else.

Sad words, but all too true - and ones that should be inscribed above the entrance of every English language school.



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他问驴面王子跟驴的阴囊哪个大,你怎么光顾根他比大小,居然把王子和驴放一块了?那两位, 是哪两位哪?都是你家里那口子?

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Check your gmail, you'll know who I am. said...

"Hello Chinabounder". I hope you are able to grant my request for an invitation.

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Winners know how to spell "loser" correctly.

高祖 said...

Great work Chinabounder, I like what you are doing, it has really helped me a lot. I like the way that you provoke the spirit and hatred of our people it really made them unite under extreme hatred towards you and the rest of the white niggers. I can now see my future leading these angry mobs of ultra-nationalist into europe and finish what Genghis Khan didn't. I want to thank you for contributing to my cause.


Jimmy said...

I like to thank the person whoever wrote
your quick wit and brilliance had help me pin-point the location of this blogger and I will use the knowledge that you have provided to deliver it as a favor to a friend of mine who will deliver retribution on his ass with extreme prejudice this April.

Todd said...

Chinabounder, Ha Ha Ha more power to you boy, I know you have a BIG cock, too bad it's just paper mache over a sewed on cocktail sausage. Since you have came out of the closet and admit that you do fuck boys, you won't mind if I told you that all these women you claimed to have fucked were really midgets after a sex change and those chinaman with small penis that you fucked were castrated members of The League of Migrant workers AIDS victims. I think the Chinese government castrated them as a measure to contain the AIDS epidemic but it seems that once again they have failed thanks to you.

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your writing has a certain taste, I like the style really nice.

however I disagree with the attitude. In general all the white guys think they are GODS in china coz they have been treated like one. But are they really? 42 wondering around in China. Back in your home country you are probabaly next to nothing. In this country women and money and social status all come to you too easily. No wonder some Shanghainess regard part of the white population in shanghai as the WHITE TRASH.

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Hi ToDD!!!!!!

what kind of shitty ass name is "Todd"? goddamn, there is a bunch of fucking losers on this blog. Chinabounder, you suck ha ha ha ha.

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Ironic said...

What I love is how fffffffff claims that American English is better than British English, but then spells endeavour with a u. Nice one!

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donot let me know where are you now, or else, probably you will be got me?

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Let's face it Chinese girls are white c0ck worshipers

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quote:"Not, of course, that she quite said ‘Let’s go back to my flat to fuck.’

She's a typical do-nothing slut. She just took advantage of you,she treated you like a pimp,a male prostitute('ya zi 鸭子' in Chinese). And all the pleasure you brought to her or them who fucked you in the past,just for no charge and the meals you offered. Otherwise they would find a real 'ya zi' for their sexual requests,but must pay by themselves(Thus, they chose you to be the one was more cheaper). So she's so mean to bring you to the Quanjude restaurant and next time you should be smart and evade to agree with them who will invite you eat there and pay the bills.

lol,damn funny and thank you made me mock! I had a good time on your page ,by the way. I'll visit your page again once I feel bored.