Friday, February 02, 2007

A new girl

So there’s this new girl.

She’s quite the head turner. Young, vivacious, full of life, feminine fire to the masculine mud that is so common in China. Even though she’s expected to conform – for everyone must conform in this society – she finds little ways to be an individual – sometimes just her smile, that twist of the body, that sparkle in the eye that is her individuality; or maybe it’s the way she walks into a room, surrounded by people yet still all herself – or the way she answers a question, or asks one. It’s the way she rides her bike, whipping full of life between the more staid cyclists, up on the pavement, dodging between the lampposts. It’s the way she dances to her music, the way she drinks a cup of tea, the way she twirls a pen between her fingers.

From the first time you see her you know she’s special. She’s got that something, that spark of sass, of drive; it animates her, energizes her. She’s full of secrets and laughter, plans and hopes. Her presence fills a room and her absence empties it. She’s not someone you forget. I want to know her, know what her life is, who she is, how, what she thinks.

She’s young, and she’s got her life ahead of her. She’s not going to become a robot, not going to put up with the grind and the shit, with the third-rate university education China offers, with its meaningless lip service to ideas no one believes in. She’s not going to sit through Mao Zedong theory or learn about Hu Jintao’s trite, risible ‘Socialist Countryside’ (that a once great country comes to this!) She’s not going to wear the staid, dull regulation haircut her tutors will want, and she’s not going to get up at 6am in the morning to do their silly physical exercises and go to sleep at 11pm when they put the electricity off. She’s not going to be a good girl for them, quiet, polite, obedient.

Not her. Not for her the three or four years of rinkydink ‘higher’ education nor all the English tests; not for her the semi-slave labor as some prof’s lab flunkey, nor graduation in some cheap, gaudy robe, nor the kindergarten-style routine of the tassel on her mortarboard being moved from left to right. Nor, after that, the fuss and scrape of finding a job, and having to pick out the right clothes and style to make some dull potato of a Chinese guy offer her some shit job with shit wages in a shit firm, with a shit contract that says she must work as many hours overtime as she’s told and must not get pregnant. Not for her the causal abuses of her humanity that getting a job in China requires (for getting a job here is putting yourself on the slave auction block). Not for her putting up with the inept, bashful wooing of office colleagues, their fawning when they chase her and contempt when she declines, nor the constant drip of sexual harassment coded into the country’s DNA; and certainly not marriage to some passionless clod followed by decades of servitude and conformity.

None of this for her.

None of it.


She’ll have no future, she’ll have no life, no chance, no joy, she’ll never grow and develop and explore her potential, what she could be.

Because she’s dead.

Her name was Zhang Yaoyi. She was 11. She was a pupil in a school in China’s central Hunan province.

I imagine her. I see her. She’s sitting at her desk and there’s that smile in her eye, that little wisp of steely will that marks her individuality. She says something to the teacher – Li Hengyi – just a little comment, just slightly too bright and certainly not servile enough, not docile, humble, as all good girls should be.

And then the lunacy that lurks beneath the male skin slithers to the surface.

He smashes her head against the desktop several times, hard, brutal; she falls to the floor. He kicks her, thick, heavy blows from his feet into her stomach, her ribcage. He jumps on her, kicks her head. Already she’s covered in blood and barely conscious. He grabs an iron bar that’s used to pull open the high windows and beats her with it, beats her, smashes her, bloody, murderous, brutal.

And now she’s totally still, blood spreading out over the floor, the soft slick spread of the puddle of red, teeth smashed, fingers broken. He picks her up –picks her up – and carries her to the window. Opens it. And throws her out. Four stories she falls; it kills her.

Dead. Gone. Erased.

And where were all you frothing lunatics then? Where were the witchhunts then? Where was the anger and the outrage? Where were the frenzied press reports? Where were the blog sites calling for this guy’s head?

One Western man has sex with a bunch of women. Women who are adults, who consent freely, and who enjoy it thoroughly. He writes about it, throws in a few run-of-the-mill opinions. Behavior nothing special. Thoughts little new.

Chaos. Millions of madmen fussing and strutting and firing off absurd emails.

Zhang Yaoyi beaten to death by her teacher – by her fucking teacher – and what? A story here, a story there. Page 4 of Shanghai Daily. Ignored by China Daily. A few reports in one day's papers, a smattering of interest from the lazy, idle, muzzled Chinese language press, none of it front page. And then silence.

Nothing much for a few days. More silence. Then a buried-away follow up report that Li Hengyi was mentally ill and thus would face no charges.

He’d been working at that school since 1998, and began to show signs of mental illness in 2001. Li Hengyi’s treatment, which came in late 2003, two years later, lasted two months and then he went right back into the classroom. That’s why he was still there in 2006 – despite it being perfectly well known he beat the kids – and that’s why Zhang Yaoyi died.

So where were you, you angry fuckers? Where were you then? Where was your outrage? Where were the letters to the press?

Silence from you all. I have in class many times raised the name Zhang Yaoyi, written it up on the board, in Chinese and so far not a single student has known the name. Not one!

Unbelievable? Not in China.

Another girl: Zheng Shaojuan.

Zheng Shaojuan was a second-grader, nine years old, in the village of Putian, in Fujian Province. Her teacher , Liang Liyu, sees her peeping at the deskmate’s answers in a math test, and so he – of course it is a he, it is always a he – grabs a broom handle and begins to beat her on her back. She starts sobbing, which enrages our fine, honorable teacher all the more and so he starts hitting her head, blow after blow after blow – all the while her brother, sitting in the row behind, is forced to watch this display of pig brutality. The girl tries to move her body forward, away from the rain of violence and this just adds fury to anger.

What! She tries to get away from him? He jabs the broomhandle into her, viciously rabid thrusts, trying to force her body round so that she will meet his eyes. For how dare she not look at him as he beats her? What disrespect!

And so frenzied are the blows, so great his brutal rage the broomstick snaps in two, splinters of it piercing even through the thick fabric of her school tracksuit and lacerating her skin. His wrath is purged and he’s taught her his lesson. Back to teaching he goes, full of pride at his display of good teaching methodology. Shaojuan spends the rest of the afternoon slumped on her desk. Later, another teacher walks by and sees this and she, having the decency the man did not, acts like a teacher (parent?) should, comes into the class to see what’s wrong with the girl. Shaojuan says she is not feeling well and the woman teacher suggests she goes home; she gets to her feet, shakily walks to the door, respectfully asks permission to leave from Liang, fighting down her shame and anger and contempt, leaves the classroom but collapses, right there, in the corridor, no strength in her body, her head fuzzy, unfocused. Liang carries on not giving a fuck and so the woman teacher helps Shaojuan home, carrying her part of the way.

An ambulance is called but this being China takes an hour to arrive; by that time another child has died in the Chinese educational system. By that time Shaojuan is dead.

And what of Yaoyi, whose bright future, whose hope and potential has been beaten to death, whose parents have been bought off for a mere US$25,000 and are now expected to shut up, seeking no further redress? And what of Shaojuan’s parents, who had gone to other provinces as migrant workers, leaving her with relatives? Of them I have found no trace; for they, being migrant workers, belong to that class of people who have built this country and who are routinely despised, belittled, cheated, abused and subsequently forgotten.

Where were you brave citizens of China then? Where was the anger? Where was the press, so like dogs baying for Chinabounder? The outcry? The mass of internet idiots so concerned about China’s honor and dignity? They offered silence and remain silent. Not a word, not a sigh, not a shrug of the shoulder, not even a raised eyebrow.

Here is an example of the anger I received just because I slept with a few women, just one of the ten thousand emails I got, from

Food, Wine, and Women

Food, you will be eating your own shit covered in shards of blood-stained metal.

Wine, you will be drinking your own blood while drowning in your own piss.

Women, the only bitch you had and will ever fuck is your mother's raw and bloody corpse.

I am supremely confident that you will enjoy the inhumane pleasure of being skinned and buried alive in a metal coffin fill to the top with sulfuric acid 6 feet under a stranger's grave.

Live everyday like your last, one day you will wake up in a bathtub full of ice with parts of your family all around you, I know you will enjoy the smell of dead corpses and you will definitely love to hear the black flies circling you while maggots crawl and burrow themselves under your skin.

It's springtime in Nottingham for me to watch your sadistic and pleasurable misfortune.

Shame on the citizens of China! Your children are dying and your silence is complicit in their death.


Anonymous said...

Who cares about some little girl getting beaten to death by some mental freak, only sex will catch the publics eyes.

When In Rome said...

Ya, you tell 'em. How about students getting gang raped on their university campus by migrant Chinese workers, then getting paid off as long as they promise to keep their mouths shut.......still, thats not as bad as a foreigner sleeping with a consenting Chinese girl is it.

Anonymous said...

It's not "a consenting Chinese girl" though there's really "a bunch" of them.

Kevin S. said...

Zhang Jiehai has come out with a book entitled, I'm Enraged, and one of the sections is called "The true story of the Sex and Shanghai incident." I wonder whether or not you will let us know your side of what happened after Professor Zhang started his internet witch-hunt.

chinesemigrantworker said...

'How about students getting gang raped on their university campus by migrant Chinese workers,...' Discrimination! When in Rome. How do u know it was not foreign migrant workers?

Chinabounder, welcome back!

a_xu said...

Until a few moments, I'd only ever "heard of" your blog; today was the first post I'd read. You do a fine job exposing the pettiness that is a majority of the massess. One little girl's brutal destruction will not elicit the attention of most Chinese as it doesn't sting at the governing emotion of today's Chinese: jealousy. You have sex with more women than the average Chinese man could ever imagine, and you become an enemy. The jealousy needle wags wild. Men cut themselves because they want to be part of the scene. Pathetic twerps.

That lame professor Zhang: I'm sure he'd divest himself of his entire savings to find out about the secrets of your sexual charm, but would probably donate about 5 mao for surgery required by a student maliciously battered in this excuse of an education system as it doesn't affect him.

One hour for the ambulance to arrive: Life, unless it makes lots of money, is regarded as worthless in China.

The response team likely spent ten minutes at the school gate stuck behind one of Professor Zhang's thugs sniffing around the province for any clues to the whereabouts of that arch-fiend Chinabounder.

Anonymous said...

those teachers dont deserve to live. Keep posting dude. China needs its pink underbelly exposed.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Danwei reader/foreigner blog reader, read about your controversy, but never visited your site.

Look, you kind of deserve what you've been getting, and you knew what you were getting into when you posted this website. You're some white dude that lives in SH, and figured this website would piss some chinese people off and give you and your buddies a laugh.

So don't complain when people want to find you and kick your ass or say that you are petty and half a man for posting your sex life up on a website. You wouldn't be running this website if you hadn't moved to China. If you were running this in the States, you'd be running a porn site and it'd be a source of income, not a "special interest" website.

And please, for the love of god, don't act like YOU suddenly give a shit about two little girls getting killed in rural china.

Using those two stories to deflect attention from the "troubles" encountered by your petty blog is just wrong. You should post the information on your blog and ask people to donate money or protest, if you're outraged.

Don't be a coward and use real injustices to deflect the minor inconvenience you brought upon yourself.

And if you're interested in doing anything to help Chinese children, you can fundraise for your local orphanage, get involved with x,y,z org (UNICEF, Chinaorphans,etc).

I've done some fundraising and non-profit work in China, and it gets my goat when foreigners like you want to sound off about injustice in China, when really you want to toot your own horn or point out how great your passport/citizenship is.

Its disingenuous and makes me sick. Put your money where your mouth is, if you're a creative foreigner, then DO something about it.

Above all, don't be an ass and act like you're the righteous one. That's just plain silly.


Anonymous said...

I feel similarly to the post above. Are you really surprised about nationalist hypocrisy about foreigners "stealing our women"? Sure, shame on them. It does nothing to justify your own shabby behaviour, and you doubtless know that. I'd advise fading into well deserved obscurity.

Anonymous said...

To the above two commentators: Bounder was keeping this blog for at least a couple of months before notoriety sought him out. If he wants to keep a sleazy blog, its his business. Other people don't have to read it.

Likewise he's never held himself up, at least from what I've read, as a shining example of humanitarianism. He has claimed that he treats these women as mature adults capable of taking care of themselves, and not helpless submissive victims. Perhaps thats true, perhaps its not. It's not like we know if any of this is real.

But he's not the one spending huge amounts of energy organizing campaigns and writing books to assail one foreigner with a blog. I think there's no arguing with the fact that all that energy and time would be more productively put towards solving real problems. Those girls are really dead, if you google it. (Bounder: links?)

When Bounder starts campaigning on Phoenix TV, then you can call him a hypocrite. For now, he's just a scoundrel.

Anonymous said...

No, but he is spending a considerable amount of energy writing a self-aggrandising blog filled with deliberately provocative digs at the nation that's hosting him. He comes off as a right twat whipping about the 'but what about...?' defence at this point.

Anonymous said...

Chinabounder I salute your energy and will to be right. Never stop.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing--I mean, the stream of invective that Chindbounder was getting from the nationalists--is intolerably barbaric. I'm a Beijinger and I felt ashamed. In my superstitious moments I'm even tempted to believe in racism and feel that there must be something inherently sordid and wicked about the Chinese soul. It's just absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I understand that shame, previous poster, and agree that the nationalist pack are sordid scum who the world can do without.
But then perhaps you'll understand my concomitant shame - this blogger is, I understand, a compatriot of mine.
He has a right to publish his witless arseholery devoid of all insight into the human condition, and he has the right to exploit the deaths of children to defend his mean-spirited and braggardly vanities; but then I feel a duty to tell him exactly how he comes over.

Roger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lost Laowai said...

Anonymous #??: Devoid of all insight into the human condition? #1) You've high expectations for blogs, and #2) There's no better insight than this.

And lets lay off of the 'honour thy host country' crap. No one "invited" me here, and I certainly get the feeling I wouldn't be welcome if I wasn't giving at least as much as I get.

As for Chinabounder - I say good on ya. Whether you want to post about your sexual conquests or the hypocrisies of media/Web vigilante focus - post hard man.

PS: Everyone please, for the sake of all that is holy, learn how to click the "Other" option rather than the "Anonymous" option - I assure you it is just as anonymous - but 100x as cool.

Anonymous said...

Your having sex with whichever consenting adults who are (at last) getting the quality attention and sex many of them have never experienced before - great, a good read that countless other expats can agree with through experience (as can the girls involved).

For your first return post, though, it's a pity you had to resort to such a wildly over-the-top barrage of digs at the problems in China, it doesn't reflect well on you and comes over as a distractionary tactic. Stuff like, "nor graduation in some cheap, gaudy robe", is a dig at the poor everwhere, not just China, and is quite the putdown to those who see their graduation day as a proud moment in their and their family's life. In fact, it was a down right wanky comment to make.

Stick with writing good sex blogging and well-directed commentary and experiences of modern China (retarded professors, etc) and less of the 360' machine-gun fire of irrelevant insults.

nanheyangrouchuan said...

Brother, where art thou? This is just what the world and the china expat business community needs to hear before continue to sell out their mothers to the CCP.


Anonymous said...

This is the only blog I read except mine.

Jen said...

You know it's mostly a culture difference. People are obviously posting stories of much worse things they've done in other countries, but you have to understand that what ever we do, post, write, or say, there's always going to be some kind of back lash. Whether its about some girl who posts about her everyday life, or some guy who thinks that Hitler was the best, there will always be a crowd who completely disagrees with you.

Now I can't blame you for thinking that if brought people to the attention of the two young girls' deaths you may have done something great with your freedom of speech and give people a chance to realize that what your doing isn't all that horrible, however what some people are saying about you can never be changed no matter how unfair.

Of course in North America, (Canada and the US mostly) the idea that an individual posts their sexual encounters online isn't really taboo so to speak. So like my point earlier, its all a culture difference, no matter what you try to say you will mostly likely change one person's view of you, but not the rest. People have their opinions some voice them stronger than others.

And to Anonymous Danwei reader, there was a report awhile back stating that quite a few "non- profit" organizations are not really "non-profit", 70% of what they've been donated has been known be used for something completely unrelated towards their cause. Kind of like how PETA kills animals. Unusual Hypocrisy. But thats not related to this blog in any way aside from you.

So like most of your high school peers may have said, " No one asked you to look so your opinion isn't really needed." And I think that goes for most blogs on the internet. (Unless that is, there's someone forcing you, then you might as well. :-P )

siltuplait said...

hi,chinabounder,i like reading your blog, it sounds real to me oftentimes & gives me a sort of consolation as well,
quite romantic isn't it. the fictious part which involves so many chinese women is exciting, which is not as serious as the nationalists have pointed out. you are merely writing these stuff as an individual. yet the contempt for the women you show in your blog provokes some exasperation among the chinese.
but believe it or not, and please consider this, yesterday i came across your mother. she's not so beautiful as I have imagined and a bit old, but i f**ked her...I may write about it in my own blog, s'il tu plait(a french phrase: if it pleases you)

Old Wreck said...

Hey Welcome back!

Delighted to read you again. As one who knows the score in the Shanghai game, I'll vouch for you anytime. Your writing is solid and smack in the middle of the grandest picaresque traditions of the English bawdy personal journal. Do not stop.

Have at it! You have good company on this journey! Let your spirit shine forth!

Old Wreck

Anonymous said...

Yeah, welcome back. You don't have any moral fiber, but that just makes you human. I don't like you--I think you are one sick dude; still, I defend your right to write whatever you want, especially if it's your own personal experience. I actually enjoy watching how those Chinese men get all outraged because some Chinese girls have slept with you. I will come to visit often. Don't stop--no matter what happens. Consider it a huge compliment next time some Chinese guy wants to shut you down.

When In Rome said...

To the poster who accused me of descrimination for saying Chinese migrant workers raped students and then the students were paid off by the university to keep their mouth shut, lest the university loses face( do you think I know this story???(one of many I might add), use the brain, that's what it's there for......I know because Ive had students that this has happened to...OBVIOUSLY. It's not discrimination when it's fact, it's discrimination 'IF' I said all Chinese migrant workers do this...and of course they dont, the point isnt the migrant workers...It's the university covering it up and telling the students they wont be able to continue studying there if they tell the police.

spirit said...

hey, buddy,
You are really a tough guy. : )

I knew you from the research you were doing last year. At that time, I think you were just a normal guy, and I did not agree on the hostility toward you at all. Anyway, it turned out that what you did was just for research. Anyway, let's just forget the ethics for a researcher or a journalist. I thought you were fine. Just a normal and ordinary guy. Or a bunch of normal and ordinary ladies and gentlemen.

This is the first time for me to visit your blog. Because I read some excerpts from another website. Hope this time you are not doing research again. What the US president said about the old saying in Tennessee or in Texas, if you fool me once,...... ? Just kidding. : P BTW, have you got the approval from IRB for doing research relating to Human Subjects? A Friendly joke again. : )

Firstly, please allow me to express my appreciation for your new post. Thank you for raising people's awareness on the tragedies of these poor girls. Yes, I feel shameful that I did not do anything for them, as a citizen of PRC and as a human being at the same time.

Secondly, I want to share my opinions on your condemnations on Chinese citizens. Sorry, buddy, I will not say you are wrong. But you are not correct. You really think every Chinese citizen keeps silence on the tragedies? If so, how could you know these? And every Chinese citizens you have met are cold at these? I do not believe so.

Buddy, I am in US now. A student. And will go back to my country this summer as soon as I finish my defense. Although I am not there, I know so many of my friends are doing something. Do you know the grassroot NGOs in China? Do you know the people who give their hands to the forced-migrants in both urban and rural? It will be great if you can join my friends. At least I am looking forward to join them. To be honest, I feel it is very unfair that you say nobody do nothing. (: P )

I can't speak for my friends, but I can speak for myself. You can take it as a response to your criticism on all Chinese citizens. Yes, I know there are so many awkward things in my country. But I am ready to work on these. Of course, the world will not turn rosy over one night. But I will not give up, although I know very well what I can do is very very little. I am ready. And I know I have friends. They are already there.

Thirdly, to be honest again, even though you were doing and are doing research, as a student in the social science, may I ask: what’s your point this time? Are you calling for JUSTICE through the Internet? Based on your last research, I thought that you at least should have got to know that it is not just to do that. Or I am wrong at my guess? If you do hope that one day China will turn to be a better place for its citizens and for the whole world, please do not try to do it through such efforts in the Internet. Let’s do it in the real world. I know the teachers in rural area are in great demands. Probably you can spare some time to help the kids to access the outside world?

I have been in the US for several years. I do have learned a lot from the American people. But of course not all things are rosy. Share an awkward experience of my friend with you. She was in a plane to Texas (probably). A nice old lady sitting next to her. They began to chat. When the old lady got to know that my friend is from China—mainland China, she was so surprised and said, “How can you survive?! All girls are drowned in China.”

Guys, you know it is so easy for us to misunderstand others. Especially if we have some stereotypes here or there already. Let’s try to give each others more understandings instead of condemnations, although it is easier to criticize and hate than to understand and love.

Thanks again for reminding me and other Chinese citizens what our responsibilities are. We are doing and we will do what we should do. Because it is our country.

BTW, I do not think it is nice to say “Shame on…”. On one hand, it hurts people. On the other hand, if we do want to make some progress, such words do not help.

Hehe. I am always among the silent majority in the internet. This post probably is the longest one I have written. Hehe. Partially because I am writing my damn dissertation, and partially because I do feel shameful that I have not been back to live with other Chinese citizens and to share their anxieties and afflictions.

Many thanks again! And don’t forget IRB next time. (kidding again!)

spirit said...

one more thing. Hope you can read Chinese Or you can find a CHINESE Friend to help you. Best



1。有个朋友上偶家玩。勾引了俺sister、watch sister,然后再得意洋洋四处宣扬丫的,还冲俺叫嚣。即便俺晓得俺家的s、ws都是自愿的,俺心里要是觉得非常舒坦,那俺肯定是奇怪生物。



Londoncalling said...

I see you've dropped the pretense that you're a performance artist.

Still as pointless as one though.

And, however nice 'Sweetie' looks in her undies, I think most of us are all more interested in the shades and hues of your underwear around the time your frequent shrine visits overtook the Japanese PM's as China's number one cause of anger.

And, though I agree that you've got every right to publish the details of your sex life online, I do wish you'd refrain from the sweeping generalisations about China and the Chinese. They are ill informed and make you look every bit as daft as those bigots who held a witch hunt for you.

Has it never occurred to you that women with dull and inadequate boyfriends seek out people like yourself as a change from the norm? You then go on to base much of your views of Chinese sexuality on the very limited experience of these girls who are, by your own admission, emotionally still in their teens.

Yeah - NEWSFLASH! - decades of mismanagement has robbed many of this country's youth of their spontineity, but that's hopefully on the way out.

Why don't you do something interesting like get into the swapping scene, something freaky...instead of getting into the Mickey Mouse knickers of some innocent little girl. Let's be honest - it's all a bit Gary Glitter-lite. Mix with adults and then start sounding off.

Be a man - f**k a woman

Or was your inability to do this the reason why you left the UK in the first place?

Anonymous said...

hmm...that woman sucks
no big tits, no deep vagina...still she's chinabounder's mother and that makes the difference.
she has devorced three times..(or twice? can't remember).she has been upset by her son, the motherf**ker and ch**abounder.
admittedly, i like the role she plays in our relationships, i.e. sometimes slave, sometimes woman of masochism, sometimes acts like a dog sucking my c**k.
I heard that a guy (American? British? Canadian?) in beijing was caught up in having sex with a married woman, by her husband's kin of course, bless him!
but let's come back...this bitch, this motherf**ker's mother, the pathetic victim of the family of incest, turns out to be a...
(to be continued)

Anonymous said...

I was shocked after I read your blog.
But are those stories true?

Michael Jiang said...

hey chinabounder, you should go to rural China not Shanghai to fuck poor Chinese girls to make you a real human rights activist. I'm sure you can do this by teaching them English, and let that prof. Zhang know you can do something useful in China, not just fucking around.

Anonymous said...

All the criminals will be punished by the law.
What happened in this country is none of your business.
Go back to your country and mind your own business.

Anonymous said...

it seems u'r gd at fuckin' around, mayb you like fuckin' ur mother, huh? pathetic
r u sufferin' from ED? what u could do is boastin' around.
from ur latest post i see u'r also ingorant, do u think chinese citizens(by d way i'm an indian living in beijing) dont know what the situation at all? it's funny, lots of them know much more than u do (at least most of my chinese friends r worried about it)and u just come here and fuck up.
u r pathetic,chinabounder, some of the chinese i met here are ignorant, but u r twice as ignorant as they r.
fuck off then.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chinabounder, have you ever considered to get adsense in your blog, you would make lots of money considering how many people reads this blog :) Just a tip, anyhow my blog about Shanghai is much better than yours ;)

Frances said...

i finally got a chance to link to ur blog through another website,and i hv to admit this is a fairly impressed blog.maybe u should consider to be a freelance writer coz u hv good writing skill.

as a shanghai woman,i dont want to comment on ur personal life,and since it is 100% legal,so...y not?

but,about that 2 dead young gals... i read a really small brief in our morning paper several days ago,about Li. i think i was numb that time, coz i know it happens in inland china very often. but ur long report with details fired me, i suggest strongly that u should send a mail to bbc or npr or NYT or the Times..any famous media abroad. coz our gov. loves their face the most, they will take things seriouly only when they feel their faces get threatened. yes,they are stupid and i feel sad that they r controlling all the country.

PS:old and new anonymous chinese guys---dont be jealous,everyone knows u guys are not attractive and bad at pleasing women,admit it wont make u loose face.but,plssss, dont make any stupid comments,for ur own dignity's sake,wut u said made all chinese,both women and men, loose faces in front of westerners.

nanheyangrouchuan said...

yeah, contacting the BBC and NYT is a great idea. Bill Gertz at the Washington Post loves flogging bad china for its bad behavior. Heck, you might even get paid for it.

China: the world's largest potential consumer market for bite-resistant pillow cases and KY jelly.

China would be the ideal place to film "Das Booty II, China's peacefully male rising"

cat said...

Very powerful and very well written. Shame it's a load of ****. As I'm sure you're aware, the teacher who brutally murdered Zhang Yaoyi was a schizophrenic who has been committed to a mental institution. You don't tell your readers that part, do you?

Meanwhile, you are still at large, peppering your blog with racist comments like "coded into the country’s DNA."

Yes, yes, yes, there is absolutely no comparison between the horrific murder of a child and a man who likes to have sex. There is nothing wrong with you screwing as many women as you want to, as long as they want to too. And there is nothing wrong with you describing your conquests if you want to show off. And if you'd left it at that, there'd be no problem. But you didn't. You chose to publicly deride Chinese men's manhood. So what the hell do you expect?

cat said...

Whoops. You did mention the mental illness. I take that back. But the racism charge stands. And you might consider taking a look at the 34 thousand comments on this page if you think people only get angry about foreigners having sex.

Anonymous said...

Hey, is this funny?



I saw her tucked discreetly away in an alley off Baoshan Road, hard by the tube station. She’s easy to miss; the dining room of the ramshackle noodle shop next door overflows into the alley and hides the entrance from the street. Still, turn into the alley, and you’ll find her. She’s brand new, practically, all shiny tiles and clean white porcelain. The attendant eyes me warily as I step into the facility. He knows I’m here to take a big Western crap in his beloved loo.

But not today. Today, I’m just here to get the lay of the land. The first time anywhere requires reconnaissance and patience. How else to know the rhythms of human traffic and water pressure that contribute so much to the experience? For example, I detest crapping with someone in the next-door stall. It inhibits my creativity, and essentially eliminates the vocal component altogether. A truly great shit must be accompanied by considerable grunting and groaning. I realize I’m not the first person to say that, but it’s true.

So, I will come back to this place later, when the crowds have thinned and the attendant has gone. I will bring a packet of toilet paper and a rolled up copy of Shanghai Daily, just in case. I will leave my underwear at home, and I will shit so deep and so hard into this sweet little toilet the very foundations of this building will tremble.


That was a promise I kept, I assure you, and I will write more about it, and the misadventure that followed, on another occasion. Now I must speak of the commodes at the KFC on BaoXi Road, for they have fired my brain.

KFC restrooms have a feature unusual to many Westerners: the men’s and women’s latrines share a common wash area. Both sexes line up at the same pair of sinks to wash their hands. The single automatic hand dryer whirrs incessantly. That fact, along with the inane popularity of Kentucky Fried Chicken, means these toilets are in a state of constant, noisy confusion. Everything I hate about shitting in China.

Still, these are true toilets, perhaps the finest in the Hong Kau district of Shanghai. I will endure anything to shit in them. These are broad-bowled porcelain thrones, sturdy enough to accommodate my thick Western haunches.

I will, of course, shit in a squat toilet if I must. In fact, I have on occasion shat in a Chinese trough toilet simply to enjoy the effect. The Chinese trough toilet is a series of toilet stalls, squatters, of course, arranged along a trough that funnels the waste away, a task it performs neither briskly nor efficiently. Turds can linger for hours, even days at a time.

My enjoyment, besides the local’s astonishment at the fact a Westerner would even use such primitive facilities, stems from their gap-jawed disbelief at the size of my turds. “So big,” they whisper, “so thick.” I find knowing a few words of Chinese helpful in situations like this. Truly, the difference in size is dramatic. Dwarfed by my mighty evacuations, their Chinese fingerling turdlets are like lampreys swimming next to a shark.

I had not intended for this blog to venture into the relative size of Chinese turds, but the subject is worthy of discussion. After relatively little public defecation, even the most casual observer can tell that Western turds are uniformly and undeniably bigger than Chinese ones. That is a simple biological and sociological observation that has no bearing on the relative value of a society. It is no criticism to say, “Your turds are pathetically small and tiny,” because the statement is objectively true. Furthermore, it is also true that a man’s worth is not measured by the size of his turds…although mine are gigantic.

Anonymous said...


I'm glad you're back, but this last post is self-righteous bullshit. All over the world, teachers,coaches, and the like are getting arrested for abusing their students, usually sexually, but nobody knows about it beyond the next town. That's how it goes. While fucking your students isn't as bad as killing them, it's still pretty fucking bad.

Which I guess is partly the point. You know how much they revere teachers in China. That may be a responsibility you didn't ask for, but like those sports figures who claim not be be role models, you still have an obligation not to act like a total fucking idiot. The equivocation you continually make, that the woung women were no longer your students, doesn't hold water with the Chinese. Even if it took you a year or two to get around to it, they feel you abused a teacher-student relationship with these girls in order to fuck them.

A "scoundrel" like you is saying they're wrong?

Incidentally, you can get a lot of pussy here in the U.S. if you're willing to lie as much as you are. I guess, since these are all Chinese girls, it hardly feels like lying to a real human being at all.

ChinaBounder said...

Anonymous said:Who cares about some little girl getting beaten to death by some mental freak, only sex will catch the publics eyes.

Sex will catch the Chinese public’s eyes, sure. But ‘a little girl getting beaten to death by some mental freak’ would be front page news in the Western media. A sophisticated country always cares for its children.

Anonymous said: It's not "a consenting Chinese girl" though there's really "a bunch" of them.

I never think of them as ‘a bunch’ since I was with them one at a time. Each one was, and is, an individual.

Kevin S said: ‘Zhang Jiehai has come out with a book entitled, I'm Enraged, and one of the sections is called "The true story of the Sex and Shanghai incident." I wonder whether or not you will let us know your side of what happened after Professor Zhang started his internet witch-hunt.’

My side is the only true side.

Anonymous said: You're some white dude that lives in SH, and figured this website would piss some chinese people off and give you and your buddies a laugh. So don't complain when people want to find you and kick your ass or say that you are petty and half a man for posting your sex life up on a website. And please, for the love of god, don't act like YOU suddenly give a shit about two little girls getting killed in rural china. Using those two stories to deflect attention from the "troubles" encountered by your petty blog is just wrong.

Your post says more about your preconceptions than mine. You seem almost religiously angry. Why are you angry?

Anoymous said: It does nothing to justify your own shabby behavior

Of course my behavior is shabby. I’ve said that many times before. I have not tried to justify it before and I am not trying to justify it now.

Anonymous said: He has a right to publish his witless arseholery devoid of all insight into the human condition, and he has the right to exploit the deaths of children to defend his mean-spirited and braggardly vanities…

Define ‘exploit the death of children.’ What did it cost you to learn about them?

Roger said: Chinese people need to step their game up, and a lot of Chinese women are just dumb.

You are saying Chinese woman are dumb? I don’t sleep with dumb women.

Lost Laowai said: And lets lay off of the 'honour thy host country' crap. No one "invited" me here…. PS: Everyone please, for the sake of all that is holy, learn how to click the "Other" option rather than the "Anonymous" option - I assure you it is just as anonymous - but 100x as cool.

Indeed, Lost Laowai – adding a name to your comment makes this much easier. And spot on about ‘honor thy county’ crap. Where you come from doesn’t matter. Who you are does.

Anonymous said: it's a pity you had to resort to such a wildly over-the-top barrage of digs at the problems in China

You think writing about kids getting beaten to death is ‘over the top’? Yeah, maybe so. Just like their deaths. But my remark about graduation robes was a comment on the poor level of education offered in China. China spends among the lowest percent of GDP on education among any country in the world.

Siltuplait said: ...yet the contempt for the women you show in your blog provokes some exasperation among the Chinese

Your writing is banal and trivial. You’re simply not very good or creative at insults. But I challenge you to prove the contempt you allege I show for women. I doubt you can do so. Your contempt for women, however, shows perfectly clearly, as does your medieval mind.

Londoncalling said: I see you've dropped the pretense that you're a performance artist. Still as pointless as one though.

You call performance art pointless?

Be a man - f**k a woman Or was your inability to do this the reason why you left the UK in the first place?

You’ve got a marginally better turn of insult that ‘Siltuplait’ but it’s still rather uninspiring. All the women I have slept with are just that - women. When you bring Gary Glitter into your response you trivialize the matter of child abuse, rather like the people who likened me to John Mark Carr. The reason I left my homeland was nothing to do with the women there; but the reason life in China is so enjoyable is indeed that the women here are much easier – as I have said many times.

Anonymous said i like the role she plays in our relationships, i.e. sometimes slave, sometimes woman of masochism, sometimes acts like a dog sucking my c**k. I heard that a guy (American? British? Canadian?) in beijing was caught up in having sex with a married woman, by her husband's kin of course, bless him! but let's come back...this bitch, this motherf**ker's mother, the pathetic victim of the family of incest, turns out to be a... (to be continued)

You sound rather like ‘fffffffff’ who posted in reply to earlier entries. You are similarly incoherent and, like him, all you do is show the shadows and poison in your mind. It is because of people like you that people like me get so many women.

He definitely wasn’t Canadian, by the way.

Anonymous said: All the criminals will be punished by the law. What happened in this country is none of your business. Go back to your country and mind your own business.

By what law? By communist law? The law that punishes the poor and supports the well-connected? It’s none of my business when two children are killed by their teachers? You prove my point; shame on you.

Shopgirl said: Just a tip, anyhow my blog about Shanghai is much better than yours ;)

It certainly is, Shopgirl.

Harlequin said...

Interesting tale of the Chinese girls...

I encountered your blog from

So there is some international coverage of the story, now...

As a comment about sex and violence... There is a huge amount of unreported (by media) violent crime in the US, yet the thing that got the Americans on their hind legs was Janet Jackson's rather ugly nipple. A child can see 5000 simulated deaths on TV, but a nipple is the end of civilisation... So things ain't that different in China, 'twould seem.

As to the less than cogent insults... I tend to go for 'You know my mother? Did she have her teeth in or was it "Three for Two" night? Having congress with you must be a come down from giving freebies to groups of lascars... Any way, send her my love when next you meet...' or similar responses. It's hard to insult a man when he agrees...

You really seem to attract people with a special and general theory of grammar and sentence construction. Some I had to read twice to even get a gist of their somewhat rabid meaning.

Anyhoo, I've rambled enough. Nil desperandum, old bean

Love, hugs and kisses on the bottom

Grandpa Harley

KoreanFilm said...

Keep it up, You have the support of people that care.

Jack said...

Oh, puh-lease. You of all people should know that this isn't unique to China. Media hype towards sensationalist stories and people's misdirected angered by petty issues is nothing new. School shootings and missing white woman syndrome are just two Western examples of this. So, get off your high horse because we're all guilty of this.

Cici said...

Do people even read to the end of the comments page? Anyways, I don't understand why this blog is infuriated so many Chinese men. I am a western educated Chinese woman and I think there's nothing wrong with what Chinabounder has written. It is quite entertaining to read. There is nothing wrong with sleeping with consenting women and these women probably felt the better for it or will romanticize the experience. At worst, they will tell another story of those playboy westerners and be secure in settling down with a boring Chinaman. If everyone had more sex the world would be a happier place. Make love, not war ;) (Just have safe sex)

Lastly, I want to mention that prostitution is rampant in China and most of Asia and paying for sex is both accepted and cheap. Is that what is called respect towards women? Isn't it better just to make a new friend and have some good sex instead?

Dr. A. said...

What a lot of verbal vomit and very little support - just because you happened to brag about your conquests and that seems to be the cardinal sin here 'thou shalt not brag' so because of that you are not allowed to express an opinion on something totally and morally reprehensible. Having sex with consenting adults doesn't make you a bad person - beating somebody to death with an iron bar does.

I for one agree with you and also think that incidents like this should be publicised and not swept under the carpet.

Of Course (Jack) it's not unique to China but that's no reason to ignore it - what if we took that attitude about every innocent person who was killed? Somebody has to get on their high horse otherwise the guilty would just walk free. How do you sleep at night? Does your conscience not bother you that a child was killed and you couldn't care less?

Shopgirl you have an over-inflated opinion of yourself, you're a nobody you're not even that attractive and do you actually believe you look like those celebs? (how sad) so don't advertise your blog here - it's pure shite and a waste of space.

Londoncalling - that's just a typical Brit attitude - stick to getting your jollies by reading the Sun

As for all those anonymous comments - if you are afraid to put a name to your shit then keep it to yourself.

Dr. A. said...

... and actually, if you read the previous posts carefully, you will see this is not a complete turnaround. This isn't the first time Chinabounder has attacked the hypocrisy of the Chinese male. Attitudes in China are out-moded, to say the least, but the general opinion seems to be that it's ok to act this way because most people accept it. So if somebody forces these people take a long hard look at themselves then maybe we'll have some progress.

kas said...

I too found this blog from a reference on First Post. Chinabounder I am not sure that you do, as you claim, have the "only true side". There is a degree of derision and patronisation in many of your descriptions of your encounters with Chinese women. Many feminists, for example, would find in your blog the typical examples of a males exploitation and objectification of women and so forth. You seem to believe that because you admit some of this yourself, that somehow excuses you from criticism - it does not. In addition, there is an unpleasant neo-colonial attitude in your writings which perhaps betray a central motivating insecurity. This is that your country (and mine) is not a very good one. It is a weak country, slowly emerging from the loss of identity precipitated by the end of the British empire, and largely subsumed into the political and economic will of the United States, and incapable of exerting itself meaningfully within Europe. China, on the other hand, is huge, and growing huger. It is important, its leaders are powerful world figures, and it is threatening. To play out a better-than-thou European giant among men character is no doubt tremendously flattering to your ego, but this does not in any way give you a unique claim on truth - in this way you are acting precisely like the Europeans of the 18th and 19th centuries who set out to civilise and christianise a 'barbaric' globe. Remember that in the heartland of that civilised, christian culture, just 60 years ago, millions of people were slaughtered because of their cultural and racial background.

You obviously have some pride (not wholly unjustified) in your ability to write, and particularly to write insults: "myopic, thoughtless, a crass dolt who thinks like a sheep, rages like a hyena, and is impotent like a mule. Ah, Zhang, proud Zhang, dressed in a little brief authority, like an angry ape." Do you believe that this was an appropriate response to a criticism that, however violently expressed and ideologically embedded, is easily comprehensible to anyone with an experience of the world? Did it demonstrate the unassailability of your own ego, or confidence in your own potency, to immediately ridicule as impotent a man who had the temerity to question actions which you yourself concede to be unjustifiable?

I think that it is absurd, to say the least, that you should be hounded by millions of people for your blog. It is also very understandable that you withdrew from your ego-flattering position as soon as it was threatened, and that now you have something concrete to oppose your persecutors with, you are angry, and wish to reinstate your European male superiority. However, I wonder how much fuss you would have made about these stories if you had not suffered the persecution in the first place, and thus how complicit in your silence you would have been. As for your chaotic abuse of the entire world of Chinese education and work, I would remind you that the system in England can be described in a roughly equivalent way, which demonstrates pretty conclusively that you were not engaged in a meaningful critique of Chinese policy, but merely a piece of advanced playground rhetoric.

You are in a position of more power and influence than many Chinese citizens, and you are enjoying your life and I would advise you, if you do care about the issue, to make use of it. There is nothing more frustrating than encountering the hypocrisy of others and I sympathise with this, but if you do want change, and not just a war of words, then you can only achieve that through slow and non-aggressive means. What you want is to make the attitudes you dislike to no longer be perceived by the Chinese as Chinese values: by threatening their identity you of course increase their reliance on those very values that you wish to change. Bring your criticisms out of the nationalist sphere and they might have some effect.

Anonymous said...

Dr. A.(if that's your REAL name),

People who post anonymously are afraid to put their names to their shit?

You did say that, right?

C'mon, isn't that just a little funny?

From your picture, I can see you're a handsome and intimidating fellow. I shall try not to anger you again.

Boy, kaz's comments kick like a mule, don't they? I wonder what she looks like?

I hope "kaz" is a "she."

I have to admit that it took me three days just to figure out how to post anonynously, and I don't have a cool alias. A lack of transparency shouldn't render comments invalid, though, in this medium.

Take CB, for example. Like most of his fans, I'm convinced he and his adventures are genuine.

But,who knows? This whole business may be a clever hoax by a skilled writer with a porn habit and a well-developed sense of narrative.

My point is that this lack of transparency hasn't hurt my enjoyment of his blog.


Anonymous said...

All you dumb shit on this blog are fucking losers. I bet none of you have ever got a piece of ass besides the one you give yourself every day by fucking jerking your little cocktail sausage. Thats why all you dip shit are reading this guy's faggot blog. This dip shit actually brag about getting Chinese women, when I go to China, all I have to do is show my fucking passport and all those yellow pussy just comes to me. British shit no wonder your masculinity is fucking smaller than a rat's ass.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what kas has said in his comments. I find your writing offensive and is not constructive at all thus has very little value. in addition your blog do not convey the message that you care about these kids. you simply want the chinese to look bad so you as a foreigner will look good.

perahpas you should take some real action into helping these kids

Anonymous said...

This red nose fucker only brag because he can't get any. If he was really about to get any pussy, Chinese or otherwise he won't even have considered bragging about this shit because it would be a common thing. The only reason this faggot Brit writes all this bullshit is because he can't get any pussy so by writing this piece of trailer trash shit he finds confidence in his otherwise ball-less and castrated self. And for those people who actually read his bullshit and believe in it, I hope the next plague or world war wipe Europe out and we won't be there to save your sorry ass.

kas said...

Sage, I think you underestimate the degree to which people, particularly men perhaps, enjoy retelling their lives. Though I agree that a blog such as Chinabounder's could be a compensatory strategy in which he(or she) can indulge in activities that unrealisable in life, it does not seem at all unlikely that it is largely 'true'. Many people boast about their actual achievements, whether it be how many companies they own, how many Shakespeare plays they have seen, or how many women they have had sex with. For example: "when I go to China, all I have to do is show my fucking passport and all those yellow pussy just comes to me. British shit no wonder your masculinity is fucking smaller than a rat's ass." Are you not bragging about your nationality (which you do not state)?

More interestingly, why are you so upset about it? Why is your immediate reaction an attempt to denigrate CBs masculinity, and thereby enhance your own? Most intriguingly, why do those who read and believe a sex-blog deserve their countries to be wiped out? Your rather confused and incoherent medley of insults and bravado suggests to me that you are probably having the same reaction as Zhang but that you feel a better approach to beating down someone who has asserted a superiority (no-one takes any notice of your trips to China) to you is to insult him from your position as a more experienced and sophisticated user of Chinese women (a position not borne out by your use of language). You say in your own blog: "I hope he post more of his bullshit, just more for me to make fun of and with each insult I post on his blog his rat-ass small British Masculinity shrinks to chicken shit." Is this such a great aim to have? Why are you not busy 'getting pussy' of your own? I notice that that blog post is the only one you have. Obviously, someone writing about their experiences of China has had a large emotional response in you, in itself demonstrating that CB's blog has power over you. I wonder if you are actually American, which would explain your reaction in some ways, though it seems on the surface more likely that you are Chinese.

Dr. A. said...

I know, Chinacrapper, - just my bit of humour but it is easy to post a comment with an identity instead of anonymous. Just click the 'other' option. And you could be right it could be somebody indulging in sexual fantasies but the most recent post is not a fantasy and the reactions CB has been getting just go to highlight the hypocrisy and double standards of many Chinese.

The main problem a lot of people seem to have with CB is that he is a westerner criticising China & the Chinese. The two things are not mutually exclusive but many people (worldwide) seem to think that 'foreigners' should not criticise them, their country or their way of life. They seem to think people should look the other way and let them continue doing what they have been doing for years because nobody has bothered to tell them there is a better or more moral way. BUT do you just stand back and ignore people who throw acid into the face of women, who mutilate women, who stone women to death - all of these just for being insubordinate or disrespectful - and who say that you can't interfere because you're a foreigner and this has always been part of their culture?

Anonymous said...

To Kas (The moron who seem to lack a sense of humor)

Now tell me what the fuck really is your problem huh. I am just trying to make people realize that their masculinity on the fucking internet don't mean shit in the real world and most of the shit they make up to impress are made to make losers such as yourself feel better about how much of a blunt pansies you really are. Oh by the way motherfucker, I am 1/16 Chinese and because of that I don't really appreciate a shitty motherfucker who seems to have no way with women and no place in life meaninglessly criticize a part of my ethnic heritage. I have a lot of Chinese-American friends who actually take this motherfucker seriously and get offended and I am just try to help my friends realize this chicken shit's fucking angle. And a fucking little bitch like you question my motive and my masculinity? go look in the fucking mirror and tell you if you see any balls in that ugly piece of shit you call yourself.

ChinaBounder said...

Kas: I was interested in what you wrote, and from your words I find that I have questions both for you and for me.

1. Is what is factually ‘true’ different from ‘the emotional truth’?
2. Is it possible to show how one group of men exploits women without being an exploiter myself?
3. Is the growth of China truly threatening? Shouldn’t it be enlightening to Western culture?
4. Do you think it is appropriate to compare body counts in Europe and body counts in China from its own revolutions and subsequent political decisions?
5. Did hearing the story of Zhang Yaoyi, even from me, not take your breath away?
6. If Chinese education and UK education are comparable, why do two thirds of Chinese students who study overseas not return to China?
7. Does the ability to be observant give someone such omnipotent power as you suggest I have?
8. Would you be happier if I reduced all my ‘war words’ to just one word – say, Democracy?

Dr. A. said...

Sage .. what an ugly person you are. 1/16 Chinese - not a fucking lot is it? and you have the gall to call it your ethnic heritage - you're an American (I was going to say pure and simple but it's not so pure is it?). You're an American and I'm afraid they don't command a lot of respect in the world today. I suppose you were born in America and I don't suppose you have ever set foot in China - you're like those people I met when I was in the states - when they heard where I was from they would say 'I'm Irish too'. On the basis that there great-great-great-great granny or somebody had been born here. I had a black guy in Denver tell me he was Irish, so I suppose you will probably tell me now that you are also Irish.

... and you have the audacity to say you just try to help your friends realize this chicken shit's fucking angle - oh what arrogance! You are obviously so much superior and more clever than your Chinese-American friends, oh I nearly forgot and us too - after all we're only stupid westerners.

Kas said...

Sage: I agree with you that people's masculinity on the internet doesn't necessarily mean anything in what you call the real world. I wonder, then, why you seem at such pains to both exalt your own masculinity here (on the internet) and why it is worth trying to denigrate other people's masculinity here, on the internet. I also wonder why you have such an obsession with masculinity. Do you really define yourself solely by how prominent your testicles are? It seems a rather narrow and limited way to conceive of the male part of humanity, but that is your perogative I guess.

If I understand you correctly, it makes you (or your friends) feel better to believe that Chinabounders writings are not true. If this is so then again it is an indication of their power, and your need to counteract that, again questioning how secure and comfortable you (or your friends) are with their national and gender identity.

Out of interest, what exact part of your heritage is Chinabounder criticising, and how does that heritage express itself in your life?

Kas said...

1) Yes I believe it can be, but finding a non-emotional position from which to judge 'factual' truth is very difficult, mainly because of the emotional content of nearly all language. In this case the factual truth, as barely stated as possible, might be that you inserted your penis into the body of a number of Chinese women over a period of time. Your side might be that you had sex with consenting adults. Another side might be that you provided a welcome release from tedious marriage to young women. Another side might be that you cynically manipulated young women, with little experience of the world, into pleasuring you, while they believed you were genuinely involved with them as a person, and were subsequently deeply hurt by the experience. All of these may be (and probably are) true, and there is no need to define one as an absolute truth. This is where I took issue with you, and why I would say that Zhang also expresses a truth.

2) It is possible in the most literal sense - that is what a great deal of fiction-as-art, and good journalism, is able to achieve. These cases, though, often have their own form of exploitation, albeit indirect - there is much journalism that exploits its subject for effect, for financial and personal gain etc, and much fiction that uses the subject of exploitation as a way to achieve an aesthetic effect, or to move a reader, thus making their fictions successful, and thus again having as an overall aim personal or financial gain. At the same time, if you are going to exploit a group of people, showing how this exploitation happens, and possibly why, is more commendable that denying it, or expressing it in a different form, which is what most people do most of the time. Is that how you see how your blog?

3) Apologies, here I was being lazy in my writing. I suppose I meant perceived to be, or potentially threatening. I would say that it was threatening in the sense that any large scale changes in power are always threatening, which is not to say that the effects of those changes are negative. Many Chinese attitudes towards life (from what little I know of them) could indeed by incredibly positive to the Western world, which has rather lost itself at the moment. The rampant individualism of the West has not shown to be tremendously successful in all spheres of existence at promoting happiness, and if this were to be balanced by a less self-centred attitude it may pave the way to a society that could be called enlightened.

4) A damn good question. Context is crucial here, both in terms of proportion of population, and in terms of the ends desired and/or achieved. You are picking up on my Nazi reference - another piece of rather lazy writing I'm afraid, and a demonstration of how writing can so easily exploit people - it could be said that I was exploiting the holocaust by using it to make a cheap rhetorical point. On the whole I would say that the effect of political decisions can be judged, albeit roughly, by the bodycount it leaves behind, though it is always important to judge the present without too much reference to this. It is easy to say that because the Chinese government did this and this in the past then they were wrong and evil, but it does not follow that they still are, or that any state built upon those foundations must necessarily retain those characteristics (if this were so then the very idea of improvement would be a chimera, as all peoples and political institutions have terror and murder somewhere in their ancestry).

5) Haha I liked your 'even from me'. Yes it did, it was tremendously effective. I was deeply moved by it, as I could hardly fail to be. But my immediate reaction subsequent to the emotional one was bafflement - why did the teacher do that, what reasons were there for it? I tried to imagine myself inside the teacher's mind and what feelings and thoughts motivated the killing. I find this extremely difficult to achieve, there is nothing there that I can get a handle on. To learn that he was schizophrenic made it very different, but then there was the problem of why he was there in the first place. Here is a story that struck me in almost exactly the same way: In this case the social services didn't notice what was going on.

6) What I meant by that comment was not that they are comparable, but that the way you described the chinese system - because it was in generalised terms - could be applied to the English system, and it therefore demonstrated that you were not engaged in a thorough or particularly productive critique, even if it was very evocative - for the very reason that the English system is much better. Sorry if that's confusing, what I mean is that because it could be applied to two very different systems it showed that it was not being specific enough to be productive. Does that make any sense?

7)Haha no of course not I was being rather overemphatic (this comment section is so full of ranting that i needed to be stronger than reality to have any chance of making an impact). However you are in a position of power much greater than that of the Chinese rural peasant who is unable to connect to the internet, unable to communicate with anyone outside their locale etc. What this means in practical terms I do not know - the suggestion of raising an outside-China scandal is probably the most likely to achieve a positive result, but frankly there is little you can do about it. I was just piqued at your accusations against everyone else in China not doing anything about it - if you feel frustrated and unable to make a difference to the situation, then so must they, and probably more so. You are a part of the country.

8) I don't think that Democracy in the sense that most people use it today is necessarily the political system par excellence. In England today, democracy has come to be a system in which the people who run the country are the people most capable of greasing their way through social functions, being telegenic, having a few media people on your side etc. To take one example. The vast mass of people in the country do not have any idea how to reduce climate change, or how to choose someone who does. In fact it seems likely that the only way climate change can now be stopped is through non--democratic political will between nation states. And here is the problem with democracy - ask people if we should try and stop a third of the world's population dying and the very real devastation of the world's ecosystem and they will say yes. Tell them you will stop them flying, driving, consuming etc in order to achieve it and they will vote for someone else (a perennial human problem of short term over long term gain). Nobody wants to lose out, and democracy stifles any will there may be in political leaders to do something, because they know it will prove tremendously unpopular. If there must be a war word then it should probably by something related to democracy but not necessarily dependent on it - meritocracy, human value (or rights), and above all a removal of nationalism. People say that wars and abuses are very largely down to religions, but it is more true to say that they are down to nationalism. A pride in your country soon leads to a commitment to your country that excuses many abuses and hides many failings, because it removes ideologically motivated decisions that are in themselves perhaps admirable (eg the improvement of society) and transfers them from the abstract to the concrete world, and as soon as it is in the concrete world the idea becomes flawed. You can judge your country against its ideals, but if you conceive of your country as those ideals then you can never see its faults - just look at American patriotism that defended slavery for over a century, in direct contraction to the unequivocally expressed ideal it was supposed to promote - that of the equality of all men.

Finally, thank you Sage for pointing out my lack of a sense of humour. Generally I find words like pansies and motherfucker very amusing - endlessly entertaining and extremely witty. This time I didn't for some reason. I did find "faggot Brit" quite funny though because the expression conjures up a very powerful image - made me think of the British football team the Silly Nannies in Family Guy American Patriot (season 4 or some such).

Oh and Dr a well said about criticism - people always find it so difficult to accept that criticism can be true even though it is criticism of a cultural practice, because Europe (particularly England), after some rather unpleasant effects of colonialisation, is wary of imposing her views on other cultures. People are so often blinded by emotional reactions in this area, desperate to prove that they are not racist or prejudiced in the old fashioned way and thereby proving themselves prejudiced in a new way, as if to say that because the Chinese have a different cultural tradition they are not really human in the same way as Europeans and they are used to dying and starving and being mutilated so it is ok. One of the most depressing consequences of colonialisation is an anti-interventionist stance that is blinded by the horror of Europe to the very real improvement her culture is capable of providing.

Anonymous said...

To Mr.A and I guess the A is for ASSWIPE.

An Irishman calling me ugly, talk about the fucking irony. Americans don't command a lot of respect? At least we won our independence from the British; at least we weren't on the verge of extinction because of a potato famine. Isn't that why the Irish came to America, away from the British, away from the poverty? And what if an African-American states that a part of him is Irish, it’s probably true, America is a multi-ethnic country, we have tolerance towards that, maybe that seems too ADVANCE for a xenophobic retarded bigot like yourself. America can fucking kick any country’s ass around the world under 24 hours thus fear command motherfucking respect, nothing an Irish would understand maybe it is because you’re drunk 70% of the time. What respect does a drunk command, maybe to pull down his pants and make himself into a village idiot.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

KAS seriously shut up, you're fucking ball-less pansies that is trying to teach Chinabounder, a retarded chicken shit of a man moral reason. He doesn't need moral reason, what he really need is some money for Gin or possibly for an operation to install some plastic replacement for where his package should be. I don't blame Chinabounder; he has conquered understandable odds such as a being the result of an incest rape of a shaved gorilla and a midget with the Down syndrome. He needs to vent his frustration and build what is left of his masculinity by making bull shit on fantasy sexual conquest, which he dreams about, and jerk his plastic dildo to it every night. He is something not even a mother would love no matter how ugly his mother really is. I understand that the internet and his bull shit is all he has and I am trying going to take that away from him because it's fun and I enjoy pointing out how pathetic he really is and how pathetic all you morons are for believing in this bullshit written by a man (supposedly) who seems to be out of touch with reality and only in his mind he reflects that he is the ugly cock sucking motherfucking chicken shit that was dragged legs first out of a shaved gorilla's shit covered cunt.

Anonymous said...

and now you know "bitch"

Kas said...

"America is a multi-ethnic country, we have tolerance towards that, maybe that seems too ADVANCE for a xenophobic retarded bigot like yourself."

Ah yes, the famous American tolerance. As exemplified in your following commment, yes?

"America can fucking kick any country’s ass around the world under 24 hours thus fear command motherfucking respect, nothing an Irish would understand maybe it is because you’re drunk 70% of the time. What respect does a drunk command, maybe to pull down his pants and make himself into a village idiot."

24 hours. Presumably that is why American troops left Iraq 2 years ago after a one day war and no more have been sent since.

As to your amusing digressions on CB's parentage, what you lack in invention (and I'm afraid to say that creative language use has often been linked to male generative capabilities) you make up for in energy. Very American, some might say.

Dr. A. said...

sage - you really are an ugly person and your responses just prove how ugly you are. Your comments about the Irish and Brits show a total ignorance of how things are in the real world - you should maybe get out more (or at least invest in a thesaurus) and watch fewer Hollywood movies (this may come as a big surprise to you but they are fiction!)

As for tolerance - how about this for tolerance?
Anne Frank was refused sanctuary by the US

All this supposed tolerance accounts for the race riots and the KKK, doesn't it?

Know what really annoys you - I am 100% pure Irish, I don't claim to be Chinese or American whereas you can't claim to be either.

kas - I think we're wasting our time trying to have an intelligent discussion with this 'person'. He's really very sad.

What's more frightening is the sort of upbringing he must have had to come out with all this verbal diarrhea.

Huang said...

Previous posters, thank you for your intelligent discussions, esp. Kas and Dr.a.
I am a Chinese student studying in Beijing; what impresses me in this blog is these discussions rather than Chinabounder's writings. However, I appreciate chinabounder's replies and for this I thank you sincerely, CB.
Oftentimes I will imagine what if CB were a Chinese, would those enraged Chinese netizens be so radical? Would prof. ZJH launch this witch-hunt through internet? I think things would probably go in a different way. It would be just to state that most racists condemn CB simply because they can't bear to accept a foreigner fucking lots of Chinese women, so the real thing that matters is "foreigner", not "shabby behavior". I came across a Chinese blog the other day, (, which is about nothing but sex, where the blogger narrates his experiences of tempting women into sucking his ball and having sex with him. As a student, I find the writings in his blog is far more unacceptable than CB's--it's total exploitation, whereas CB is relatively "tender" and I don't think it wrong to just fuck someone who's also voluntary. To put it blunt, I don't like your bragging about your success with women but I shall to defend your right to write about it.
I (male) am rather worried about the conditions of women in China, especially those in the countryside. The poison in this nation's tradition is the doctrines of female inferiority. Because of these doctrines, women are mostly considered the weak--sometimes they themselves totally accept their position even though the struggle goes on and on. I don't understand, Europe also has that tradition, esp in the middle age when catholic church dominated the continent, but I have to admit that Europe now provides a better environment for women. As for China, the situation here is rather annoying, not only the society degrades women, but most females think they deserve it. The girl mentioned in CB's blog is generally regarded not as an individual but simply a victim in a group. It's unfair to claim that people aren't paying any attention--the fact is many people are but nothing or little has been done; all they do is sigh and say "what a poor little girl"--again this includes you, Chinabounder, and me as well. Hegel argues that showing sympathy is simply showing one's superiority--are we really superior? Isn't it against the Bible and the Declaration of Human Rights? However, class does exist in this society; unfortunately the girl falls into a low class in China and unfortunately there are bunches of people who are living much worse than she is. She's dead, unlike what CB wrote, many people noticed, but will things be better in the future? This is what we can really do to help. Perhaps you can write more about the problems in China and others can discuss about it and hopefully do something to optimize the situation.

huang said...

By the way, Sage next time just try to be nicer, because 1/16 chinese in you must have told you that "zhongguo shi liyizhibang"...

Jimmy said...

I know, he's such a crazy mofo, you dead man, I went to school with him, his real name is Kevin Kai, we call him ichi the killer because he reminds us of that Japanese movie. Don't let him find you, he will tear you apart. I think He is going to China during spring break. I hope you ain't going back to england as a dead body.

good luck Chinabounder, you going to need it but I do enjoy reading your stuff.

Rebecca Yu said...

Listen people, it's well-known the type of White men who must leave the USA to an impoverished country across the globe just to GET LAID.

Is this a real ladies' man?


NO, it is the bottom of the barrel here who is the furthest thing from. A sexual runt who has been rejected, often early in life, by his own kind. So, he seeks acceptance by foreigners...and then a sense of superiority over them in order to redeem his own low self-esteem.

This kind of guy was the last loser to be picked for teams in P.E., last to be picked by women in this country and that is the past he is trying to escape in YOURS. DON'T FALL FOR IT!

GIRLS, NEVER DATE A LOSER LIKE THIS! PLEASE read my blog and save yourself the GRIEF!!!

That's the bottom line. All his other 1-sided arguments here are red herrings and irrelevant...

Anonymous said...

Mostly, I found this blog entertaining. As a western girl living in China I can see things easily from a western point of view and can see things somewhat from a chinese point of view (I wont claim completley)

I agree that ChinaBound did use women, but how is it any different then anyone else. Male, female, black, white, chinese, it doesnt matter. Every gender and every race uses someone else for something. If not sex (and I will argue that chinabounder is not using these women ONLY for sex anyway) then for something else. Yes he does use these women, but they use him as well, for adventure, for thrill, for the pursuit of possible love.

Most importantly, he has done nothing but give these women a choice. He did not drug them, he did not rape them, he may have tricked them, lied to them... but why should this be more of an outrage just because these girls are Chinese? He is not to blame. If anything the ones to blame are the ones who did not educate these girls better.

I am of the FIRM belief that no girl should ever marry while still a virgin. NEVER. It puts her in a horriblr position. Sex is important to a relationship. As important to her as to him, any society that doesnt teach that is failing its members. Would this viewpoint make me a slut in the eyes of many of those who argue against Chinabounder? Perhaps. To me sex is beautiful, and I am glad I was raised in a way where I am able to recognize that. I dont blame ChinaBounder in anyway. In his own twisted way he is trying to liberate these women. Maybe it isnt the right way to do it... but is it really so bad?


ChinaBounder said...

Kas said 'Is that how you see how your blog?'

'All I have is a voice to undo the folded lie'

Anonymous said...

Chinabounder, post pictures of your penis.

Anonymous said...

This is a blog. Don't like what you see? Don't read it. As simple as that.

fragrantjasmine said...

"Where were you brave citizens of China then? Where was the anger? Where was the press, so like dogs baying for Chinabounder? The outcry? The mass of internet idiots so concerned about China’s honor and dignity? They offered silence and remain silent. Not a word, not a sigh, not a shrug of the shoulder, not even a raised eyebrow."

U r blind, i have to say with a regret. It's only you that can't see the anger or the blame from Jesus Christ.

Also, u r lonely and empty desperately. Poor fellow u just founded this blog and wrote such gabbage to arouse passers' attetion and bag for their awareness.

Anyway, i left this comment out of mercy. However, i forgot that u can't see at all. Hopefully, Jesus will read it for you.

ChinaBounder said...

Fragrant Jasmine said… U r blind, i have to say with a regret. It's only you that can't see the anger or the blame from Jesus Christ…

There are few so blind as those who believe in religion. Christianity is the refuge of the ignorant, the weak and the foolish.

Cary G said...

"There are few so blind as those who believe in religion. Christianity is the refuge of the ignorant, the weak and the foolish."

Wow Chinabounder, not too tolerant are we? That's alot of people around the world you're slamming at once-- not to mention a growing number of people in China. May or may not be true, but couldn't you fill in the the blank pretty easily:

______ is the refuge for the weak, the ignorant and foolish?

Pathetic and predictable-- that's where I place your comment. Come on, isn't there enough religious intolerance in the world?

ChinaBounder said...

Cary G said… That's alot of people around the world you're slamming at once...

When I meet the christian who is able to make his or her case cogently, who is able to explain faith without resorting to evasions, ignorance and delusions, then I might accord the religion some respect. When I meet the christian who has read and thought about the bible (all of it, not just the platitudes) then I might take the matter more seriously. But until then I will continue to feel contempt for a belief system that invites little else.

I would have thought the story I offer above is evidence enough that religion is a palpable lie, transparently laughable to anyone who has moved beyond the stage of believing in Mother Goose.

Anonymous said...

I am not here to judge... but there's a verse written in the bible (2 Timothy 3) which may be food 4 thought... remind you of anyone?

"There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God - having a form of godlliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them."

"They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over weak-willed women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth...."

ChinaBounder said...

Anonymous said... I am not here to judge... but there's a verse written in the bible (2 Timothy 3) which may be food 4 thought...

2 Timothy also says:-

God ‘…hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace…’ suggesting that even if people are ‘lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents’ it will have no bearing on whether they will be ‘saved.’

The bible offers no coherent message, and only a moral coward appeals to it for his or her beliefs.

Anonymous said...

As the verse says, you seem "never able to acknowledge the truth".

As I said, I am not here to judge, but "to thine own self be true", ie. be true to yourself

If I had not told you the verse that in the bible, you wouldn't have had a case, you just looked up the same verse in the bible to make your defense. You cannot just grab another one from the same verse and take it out of context to make your point. Find your own verse by actually reading the bible if you want to be believable in your claims.

Jasmine said...

well, i do care about these f*****g stuffs! im quite angry about it, but more angry with those who say "Its China. Who cares!" or "Im numb 2 it, its tooooooo normal!" ... If we dont do anything to change this situation, what China will be?
arrrr... its sarcastic, im also angry with myself and even hate myself, coz' i couldnt really do anything to help the victims. what i can only do is to "educate" people around me, to write my complaint on my MSNspace, to visit the orphanage to comfort myself(it really makes me feel good coz' i will feel i help the helpless in China although my effect is tiny. )...

PS. its the first i visited ur blog. i found many coinsidences...whatever, as a English major student, its kinda great to read ur anger about my country in "pure" English, hehe. as a Chinese, i have shame on things u talked above.
best wishes

Anonymous said...

Chinabounder is getting mad as hell,and I don't think he has much of common sense. What happen to Zhang Yaoyi is a sad story. Nevertheless,what that has to do with his sick behavior of taking advantage of his English teaching profession to get those socially naive ladies to bed? He failed to realize himself and Zhang Yaoyi's murderous teacher have one thing in common-both have very sick mind. Well, Zhang Yaoyi's teacher deserves life-in-prison or death penality. Chinabounder should get a least some jail term. I bet angry parents or husband would have chopped if he is doing the same massing around with his female students in UK(I supposed that's where he was from)

Anonymous said...

On the last message. Should have add 'his pennies' after sentence 'I bet angry parents or husbands would have chopped'.

So, it should have been 'I bet angry parents or husband would have chopped his pennies if he is doing the same massing around with his femail students in UK.

Anonymous said...

nice blog, i'm a fellow laowei who's doing pretty much the same thing. but after reading your blog, i realized why i'm not geting all of the pussies in the world. because i'm not white. i'm only a second generation canadian who happen to have a chinese ethnticity. damn that DNA shit.

well, i'm getting some pussies...just not like you...i totally agree with you when it comes to expat gets easier, better pussies.


Anonymous said...

Shame on you,Chinabounder. Think poeple are stupid enough letting you divert their attention to something more sick so you can make yourself look like God again? Given your current mental state, you are not capable to coment on that poor little girl's incident.

According to your logic. A thief is consider to be a good guy because he has done no worse than a murderer.

Anonymous said...

Fuck U!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


James said...

Really, the sad thing isn't so much that a sex controversy gets more media time than the horrible murder of two students in China- it's that it's not ubiquitous to China.

Anonymous said...

WOW i didn't realize you can get fucked so easy in china do they have any sex shop there in china.

Rebecca Yu said...

You know, I'll bet if someone did a background check on Chinabounder - he was the biggest dateless nerd back in the US! Tee hee!

Honestly, if he was even half-decent with women here...he wouldn't have left halfway around the world!

skyway said...

F u chinabounder,u are totaly insane

R2K said...

: )

j said...

Chinabounder, all the greater evils of the Chinese society cannot excuse you from the moral wrongs of your predatory sexual exploits on young women who look up to you just because you are a white guy.

Every criticism you have of China is only a clever attempt to preserve your own moral integrity as a sex predator in front of your students and to self-rationalize and justify your personal lacking in moral fibre.

Stop all the rhetoric and hypocrisy. Both the kettle and pot are as “black” or as the Chinese saying goes: wu shi bu xiao yi bai bu.

You are just a white guy who can’t make a better living in your own home country and had to come here to work as a teacher. The truth is the young girls are not yet wised up to the white trash that you are.

There’s talk of a possible book deal… or hey, maybe even a movie deal!

Well, 1 billion Chinese are waiting to find out who you are… we are looking forward to this event with gleeful anticipation.

Meantime, all you girl students who recognize yourself or friends in Chinabounder’s blogs would do a service to us all by shortening this wait by simply giving a little anonymous tip-off to CCP or “gong an” so we can all thank Chinabounder in our own Chinese welcome ways for bringing our social mores to a world audience.

Anonymous said...

This pathetic little shit must had tons of sexual frusturation in his homeland. Now he feel like a sex god thanks to those naive ladies.

His behavior really made British look bad(I am sure most of them are normal and decent). Get your sick behavior fixed before criticizing anyone !!


apeckover said...

A general comment about Chinese internet - I was in Shanghai for 2 days this week and I noticed that you cannot access any BBC news, regardless of content - Beckham's goal for the Galaxy, etc., anything. Japan f***ed over China, sure, but the government (present and past) is the biggest enemy of the Chinese people.

Anonymous said...


Don't know if you're up to reading all these comments... but I don't find your blog offensive. However, I am not surprised that so many others do. You have the audacity only to post what so many think. Having spent time is many Asian countries, I understand some of what you say and can extrapolate the truth in the rest. It's normal and, frankly, a 21st century expression of the male imperitive. If only you chose to explore your sexuality in someplace like Thailand or, for that matte, france; nary an eyebrow would be raised.

So jut remember that these ladies will live long with their moemories of you and how you treat them, be kind and generous of the heart, and above all, be careful.

And for those of you lurkers and anonymous haters out there, call me whatever you will. I am a multi=published author, Stanford-graduated MA with my own demons and passions like all of you.

And then... MOVE ON.

They are just words, and can only hurt you via your own insecurities, cultural inhibitions, and vanities.


free ps3 said...

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Stephen said...

Damned you, how about you grandfather fucked your mother and your daughter, suippose they are willing to? You inhumane beast!~

Unbounded said...

I think I slept with you.
You were soft, not very hard
Or big, but rather xiao
I lied to you :)
But I was very, very drunk..
Never again!
I find better time with Chinese boy

Sorry I never answered your calls back. Maybe when you read this you will finally stop calling.

I hope.

You are very funny writer though, with bigg imagination. Muuuuuuch bigger than... ;)

Anonymous said...

aight, so yea asian girls like white guys, and there is xenohobia in china of course, but the government and media portraying diferent information has been a part of all countries. America has had it happen in the past, and, so we like to think, we've developed beyond it. China has a lot of tradition and culture americans dont understand, doesnt mean its right, but it also doesnt mean you can just say only china has done it. Quit trying to defend yourself, and your ignorant Asian fetish.

Anonymous said...

You know, I've always thought you were an ass, but in the good, "Man, I'd hate to be some of the guys who knew him but I wish I had the balls to act like this guy" sort of way. The way you treat women is the way most men would, put in circumstances where they could get away with it.

But this last post was a bunch of hypocritical bullshit that makes you another sort of asshole entirely. Sure, you were basically asking for it, but the witch hunt was still a load of insecure, racist crap, and I have no problem with calling it like it is. But exploiting the story of those murdered girls to make people feel bad for trying to out you is just low. You're no better than one of those abortionists who touts the story of some black teenager who you normally wouldn't give a rat's ass about, because it helps your politics.

To the commentors who say "Lay off, ChinaBounder doesn't try to make himself out to be morally superior, so how can he be a hypocrit," you'd be right outside of this post. But come on! He cites two murdered girls as an example of how the Chinese media, and its people, are a bunch of hypocrits for paying more attention to girls sleeping with a white guy than girls being murdered, thrown in with a bunch of blanket condemnations and caricatures of "typical" Chinese life.

If you think that "Shame on the citizens of China! Your children are dying and your silence is complicit in their death." isn't a pretty unambiguous message that he holds himself as morally superior to, apparently, all citizens of China, you're a moron.

And if anything, by his own standards he's more complicit in their deaths than anyone else. The students he blames in his class: They only don't know the girl's name because a corrupt, state-controlled media buried the story. The Chinese bloggers who failed to report it? They can try, but the govt knows exactly where to find them if they don't like it. Expat's like this guy? They're not constrained by China's government, their foreign passports give them some protection from reprisals, and they have a voice that can, potentially, reach millions in China and abroad.

Fact is, most people have messed up priorities, I come from a country that gives more news time to Britney's lack of panties than soldiers dying for us abroad, children being molested, or money being taken away from life-saving research to fund better versions of viagra. My priorities are screwed up because I'm spending time making this comment instead of doing something, anything, to help make the world a better place. But of course, I never pointed to a country and said, "Shame on you, your bad priorities are killing children, now stop oppressing me you child killers!"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As much as you would love to draw the people's attention towards another problem within society, of course your correct by saying that people should ventilate that anger towards you to more dreadful articles such as murder of a child rather than fuming at your personal sex life but in the end read what i just typed..."PERSONAL SEX LIFE". The fact that you published a book about such a meaningless little thing all i can say is 'you reap what you sow'

BUT at the same time i also think those who are actually angered by this issue are simply retarded or simply using you as an excuse to ventilate their stress built up in their daily life, if you think about it how many people in the world HAVEN'T had sex with a foreinger before?

lilybellydance said...

The stories about the little girls are horrible. I feel ashamed of these as a Chinese. But for you, by attacking Chinese on other things doesn't make what you did right. I read a few articles on your blog. I can't help but wonder - how much Chinese can you speak? How much do you really understand China since you don't know the language well? Just by fragmental talks with the girls who desired some exotic sex with you? I believe they didn't really show their trueselves to you as well. You were just one of their sex fantacies. Seriously you could only see things from that angle.

Tony W said...

I'm new to all these craps. I only knew that there has been lots of reports on Chinabounder on chinese media. After reading those the blog articles and some of the comments, I feel like some of you guys are pretty sick. Especially the woman called Frances from Shanghai really pissed me off. I hate to say, but I feel like she's a whore. Go to find your laowai fuckers to fuck you hard. sorry, but I'm trying to express my feeling.

Tim said...

Well, I mean, the fact of the matter is you're basically a loser who couldn't make it in the states and fit in and get a normal girl over here who respected you, so you escaped to a poor nation to prey on the women there who have no idea how big a loser you are back here. I've worked in China, I've seen so many of you. What criticism you have of the government and society over there has nothing to do with you being who you are. Sorry man.

Quan said...

I don't see how bedding Shanghai women make him a loser. Anyway its interesting the facts he chose to bring up about China. From my interaction with my Chinese colleagues they themselves don't believe in their government much.. except in their absolute control over the country.

Quan said...

I don't see how bedding Shanghai women make CB a loser.(unless you haven't seen these pretties in SH yourself) Anyway its interesting the facts he chose to bring up about China. From my interaction with my Chinese colleagues they themselves don't believe in their government much.. except in their absolute control over the country.

Anonymous said...

All I know is that you're self-contradiction after reading this article.First, I can feel that you really minded what the Chinese people condemned.Therefor,you had to beat your brains out to get the idea how to justify your deviant behavior. However, you just proved again how a footling and absurd fucking fucker you really were by this article.All you can get is more comments in mock.

Second,I don't know why you tried to compare with such rare mentally ill teachers so willingly. Did you want to mention that you needed a room in a hospital for people who are mentally ill? lol.Good entertainment,damn funny.Don't you think? If no, there's no surprise because you're real insane!

If you were so superior,logical for everything you intended to spout...why could you not find a job in your country? Why could you not survive yourself in your motherland? Why did you give up your 'high class' life there in your homeland? Why did you choose to be a drift? Why did you not write articles to your government and to suggest them how to improve their citizens' standard of living? Where were your articles once you lost your job there?

Last, just try to remind you one topic to think! If you plan to blow your own horn continuously how you enjoyed Chinese sluts,read the followings:

quote:"Not, of course, that she quite said ‘Let’s go back to my flat to fuck.’" This is from one of your articles titled 'Sweetie Redux'.

She's a typical do-nothing slut. She just took advantage of you,she treated you like a pimp,a male prostitute('ya zi 鸭子' in Chinese). And all the pleasure you brough to her or them who fucked you in the past,just for no charge and the meals you offered. Otherwise they would find a real 'ya zi' for their sexual requests,but must pay by themselves(Thus, they chose you to be the one was more cheaper). So she's so mean to bring you to the Quanjude restaurant and next time you should be smart and evade to agree with them who will invite you eat there and pay the bills.

lol,damn funny and thank you made me mock! I had a good time on your page ,by the way. I'll visit your page again once I feel bored.

Anonymous said...

Don’t even attempt to intellectualize all this bullshit. People shouldn’t glorify this stuff with any sort cerebral activity. But then again some white people get all tingly when they read another white person’s sexual exploits. I bet some of you are probably thinking “oh my hmm perhaps I should try that with Chinese woman” ~ well, you smell like fish and onions, and your hairy backs reminds me of sasquash. to all the Chinese ladies, dispel you illusions that they are better than us, because the western media (backed by some very smart PR heads) has been subtly manipulating the public (whites and non-whites alike) with all sorts of propaganda (movies,, news sources, etc. next time you read their news concerning other countries pay close attention to what they’re saying between the lines!) into thinking that they are better than us. We must raise our collective awareness and see these people for what they are! See how they treat us when we go overseas, the racist slurs, how their women treat our men in their country? We must reserve our cultural manners for ourselves, and treat them with and eye for an eye. We don’t need their imports but they rely on our exports and then they come back and criticize us for “dao ban” we should limit production availability to local corporations only. Some problems amongst young Chinese women that needs to be addressed RIGHT NOW: fantasy-like romantic ideas towards foreign men that are NOT based on reality, excessive kindness towards foreigners, and ladies mark my words they DO NOT deserve it they just really want to f*ck you and then *maybe if you meet their standards they might consider dating you for a week or two…because there are other sisters who are blinded by ignorance who will fall for their trap… My sisters and brothers you have a choice, hang on to the respect that was rightfully yours, Mother earth has blessed you with beauty and charm don’t squander it on those filthy pieces of shits. Learn from them, then use it against them! China for Chinese!

Anonymous said...

boycott foreigners in china! you disrespect our community when you come around, if I had my way I’d kick every one of you sons o bitches outta China. A bunch of cousin fucking jew hating chip munching redneck hog race white cracker mother f*ckers.

to all my chinese brothers back from overseas, who knows what the whites are really like, next time you encounter a foreigner attempting to practice his chinese with you i suggest you spit in his face and tell him to piss off. after all this is what they do to us in glory f*cking england. i’ve been debunking this white trash bullshit for years and it cracks me up every time one of these self-righteous egotistical ignoramus crackers act like they are better than us gets shitted on. their face turns bright red like a chimp’s ass

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good article.
thank you

Anonymous said...

I think China should be turned into a nuclear parking lot and do away with them all unfortunately the world doesnt agree cuz that's too brutal of a solution Koff Koff excuse me

htc said...

this was a long read :)