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So Clarissa, a woman who has the most powerful effect on me – intoxicating, captivating, maddening.

As are they all, she was a student in class; but she was, is, nothing like the average student. I’d written up a bunch of adjectives on the board (or ‘abjectives’ as I now think of them, after Tingting’s neologism – Tingting who, to my surprise and delight, is now back in my life again) one of which I’d misspelled. Now this happens fairly frequently (not because I am illiterate but rather because I tend to talk and write at the same time, and thus my concentration lapses) and students almost never point it out, even when the error is egregious, at which point I’ll turn it into a little homily, telling them this passive approach will not do in the West. But Clarissa, bold and confident, raised her hand and pointed it out.

And thus began my admiration for her.

Among the hundreds – thousands – of students who have come and gone, she stands out with total clarity. Even the word I spelled wrong – ‘choas’ for ‘chaos’ -- glitters bright in my mind, burnished by memories of her, and each time I write it in a class she is uppermost on my mind. Equally vivid in my mind is how, at the end of the second class, she stayed behind after to ask me some vocabulary, wondering how to say ‘小便’ (‘to piss’)

Perhaps these foundations to our relationship have shaped the edifice we have created together; bold, straightforward, honest – but also sexy, secret, intimate.

Both these elements were right there at the beginning -- the sex so much so that even that first time she talked with me after class I had to pull down my jumper. Hoping to get to know her outside the class, she was one of the rare few (like Deedee) to whom I gave my card.

Sometime later, when she messaged me online from Guilin, I failed to recognize it was her. But the next time she did so, I worked it out… and our conversation rose from the polite to the excitable – stoked in part by her, asking me if I had heard of the term ‘MBA.’

‘Master of Business Administration…?’

‘Married but Available.’

And from there our conversation grew more open. She is an adventurous sort, having had an older, richer, married lover before she got married. This is unusual, even with all China’s much-touted modernity. Many people here still marry their first boyfriend or girlfriend, and a sizeable proportion are virgins when they marry.

Clarissa told me how she had felt deeply for this guy, but how their relationship had come to nothing, he unable to be anything more than a lover, his social position ruling out any possibility of something more permanent between them.

This is something I have found time and again in Chinese women; their great openness – even need – to talk about their emotional lives; to talk of love, sex, of romance and passion, of affairs and cheating, of desires hidden and hopes quelled.

It’s not because I am especially sensitive, or profound (and certainly not trustworthy) – it is rather that there is just no outlet for this in their Chinese life; they cannot talk about it with Chinese men. (On which note: I do tend to make these sweeping statements about Chinese men, and such generalizations are often unwise. But while I do not mean to say that all Chinese guys are alike (far from it) I do still feel there are traits that many have in common. And this rather limp approach to love and passion is one of them, as is a rather antediluvian attitude to women. Frequently in class I ask my male students, ‘If in the future, when you were married, your wife earned more than you, how would you feel?’ About 70% of them tell me they would feel uneasy, or humiliated, and that it is the man’s duty to earn more than the woman. I will then ask the women what they think of that, and their most general answer is something along the lines of ‘It’s an absurd attitude but that is what guys are like.’ I will also often ask, ‘If your wife had a better job than you, and asked you to stay home to look after your child, would you?’ Utter shock unrolls across the student’s face at the thought of this, at its (to him) sheer absurdity. (It is as ludicrous a proposition to him as if I said ‘Taiwan is not part of China.’ Taiwan is of course part of China, just as it is a woman who should raise the kids. That there could be any other truth to the matter is simply inconceivable.) The women students generally roar with laughter too, at the idea that a Chinese guy could ever be relaxed enough about himself to do this. As with money, so with education. A Chinese guy, in general, will not be comfortable with a woman who has a higher education than him. Thus the saying current here, ‘In China there are three genders – men, women, and women with PhDs.’)

And thus, later, when Clarissa and I met face to face (a meeting she suggested, to my deep joy) our conversation soon dived beyond the trivial, down into these emotional depths, the truths she needed to tell. She’d suggested meeting near Shanghai’s Donghu Hotel, a venue in which, just a few weeks before, I had been running down another unhappily married woman, Carole. She too is one I never got (for in truth my hits are more than my misses) and has since dropped out of sight wholly. This Carole was, at the time, on the verge of initiating divorce and, later, sent me semi-cryptic text messages suggesting she had initiated it. But despite my replies I never saw her again.

No great matter for that (though I still think of her, for, having not got her, she is more stuck in my mind than she would be if I had). To my wolvish pleasure, the Donghu Hotel was, at that time, just near the very bar for my plans, JZ, a jazz club which has since relocated (and which is mentioned here. This rather good site clued me into the fact they had a new singer for Monday nights and thus, last week, when Kay (a woman worth an entry who I will get round to soon) wanted me to take her out for an evening, to cheer her in her misery (caused by her married lover’s casual treatment of her) that was where I chose. JZ is a sexy sort of place, good for a seduction, and as there is a sexual thing between Kay and me, it was a fine choice.)

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Anonymous said...

Right! So I'm supposed to believe this load of ****. Somehow, it looks to fake to be real.

anyway. you said :It’s little wonder China is still a third-rate country. It will never be anything more than the world’s service shop until it stops treating its people as commodities.

Aren't YOU treating those girls as a commodity..errhmm???

Go and write an erotic novel- , stop wasting your time.

BounderFan said...

"Go and write an erotic novel- , stop wasting your time."

Awfully valueable advice from someone who is reading his waste of time then not even bothering to at least make up a name to post under.

Keep up the entries 'Bounder. I enjoy them more for your skill with the written word than for any erotic content.

danny said...

com'on! give us what we want. where the heck is CeeCee?? Have you seen her recently?

Johnny english said...

weird people ...... with weird fantasies......

Bounder fans, or whatever ur called, U DO REALISE its FAKE don't you?? If you ever came in contact with Chinese girls - you would know how fake this is.

I say no more......

ShowMeURolex said...

BounderFan 说...
"Go and write an erotic novel- , stop wasting your time."

hehe,i don't think he really can write an erotic novel,cause his describing of sex is not exactly atractive at all.

To Bounder,
one thing u have to remember,every moment u fucking.
the thing those girls interested in is the cover of ur westerner appearance,not urself.
To any race,sex should be the same. It is 100% emotional humen being's activity. Don't treat urself like a male monkey.

Anonymous said...

Well first I’d like to stress that I am pretty impressed by your honesty. You may not be very proud of yourself, but you certainly don’t have any problem at all telling your sexual conquests of Chinese women. The thing I find interesting is that you, as you claim, still have a shred of integrity and conscience, can parade your “cheating women’s love and body” at such ease and at the same time expect them to appreciate your “way of doing things”.

Disturbed and disgusted by you, I am not going to bash you. If you decide to be a pervert and write your prey on Chinese women, that’s is your choice. As a Chinese woman living in Shanghai (a “out of town-er” though), I can even admit that some pieces of your comments on this country and this city do make sense on some level, but your overall arrogance and ignorance towards China and Chinese people lead to terribly biased judgment and it really pisses me off.

To be honest, your are not that stupid to think you are so sexually irresistible to women. You actually are smart enough to see yourself as an average Joe and realize that the only reason you can act as Don Juan is because you are in Shanghai where, I have to admit, the civil society is still under-developed and some women are gold diggers and eager to pursue foreign guys for money or green cards. However, in your case I really don’t see you being the target. All I can see is how you take advantage of the vanity and inexperience of the Chinese girls. Actually the way you treat women is universally damned, even in Shanghai where it works for you. You may want to fantasize yourself as a free spirit trying to break away from the mediocre moral standards and pursue the simple and ultimate pleasure of sex, but in reality you are just a cocky bastard, living your pathetic life by screwing and hurting women and writing exotic blog about it to get higher level of satisfaction to fulfill your void.

ChinaBounder said...

…but your overall arrogance and ignorance towards China and Chinese people….

This interests me. If you should happen to return to this blog, perhaps you could explain why you feel I am ignorant about China and its people.

I do not feel that any of the women I have written about in this blog are gold diggers.

Anonymous said...

Come on man! I can't wait...

whrere is your next journey ?

whitetrashfucker said...

Gosh, you know better than that:all those women are gold diggers, otherwise, why did they go to bed with you? Don't tell me they are attracted by you, I would purk, seriously.
They just want your green card and your money, they assume you have,unfornately.If you are American, you would find out you are more "attractive" to those gold diggers.
None of them really love you. You knew it.

Anonymous said...

hey good job fucking the shanghai women! I admire you for what you did cuz although i tried to, i've never fucked a shanghai women b4. seems like most shanghai women'd turn away from guys from other parts of china...

o BTW, just curious if u've fucked any chinese women in their butt holes. i've done anal with a few white girls but could never get any chinese women to open up their butt hole for me. any tricks? ;p

Sam Whitemoss said...

Someone asks is it real? Does he really have all these women? To a large extent, what difference does it make if it's fact or fiction. Who cares? No-one's been assaulted. I find his broader comments about China more interesting.
I agree that the Chinese are largely ignorant of their own terrible history. My view on this is that it's, in fact, too terrible for those that do know to pass on - the tragedy of the Great Leap Forward being the "big one". I think the Chinese don't like to wallow in their history, much like we in the West don't like to think about where bacon comes from - some things are too painful. And, for the Chinese, there's no upside in getting too close to the truth. Do they really want to know about why half their family died from starvation in 1960? Better for them just to move on.
Oh, and someone suggested the women might be fat and ugly. Really? In Shanghai? It would take a huge amount of effort to find such candidates. And, yes, Western women are invisible in China, and, seeing the Chinese women, it's no wonder. I haven't slept with a Western woman since the year had a 19 in front of it (oops, too much information!).

Mimi said...

I don't see what the big deal is? Whether its true or fake. As long as no one gets hurt :) If it is true, these women are exploring themselves, they want to do it with a foreigner, they want to feel like girls on sex and the city, our friend here is charming, sweet talker, no strings attached and no one is forcing anyone to do something they don't want.

Anonymous said...

"This interests me. If you should happen to return to this blog, perhaps you could explain why you feel I am ignorant about China and its people.

I do not feel that any of the women I have written about in this blog are gold diggers. "
Well, since you are so interested, let me educate you. Sure I already said in my previous comment that as lots of your observations on this country and her people do make sense. But you are also seriously biased. Do you really think us Chinese people are that ignorant about our history? Actually most of educated Chinese people know about our rather recent tragic past and have our own opinion towards the goverment. To you and guys like you, this country is just a communist compound with an exotic backdrop, which makes it a strangely exciting fantasy land. You may be smart enough to flirt with the easy Chinese girls, but your have no real intention or capacity to truly communicate and understand the "real" Chinese people. Sorry I don't have more time to go on explaining this, but I guess you don't really care.

Speaking of the women you fucked, you are indeed such a darling lover by refusing to call them gold diggers. Well, maybe I am being too harsh, maybe they are just easy. But the fact that you admit you cannot get laid so easy in your own country says a lot. Guess I should congratulate you on finally finding your playground in SH.

Acutally what really disgusts me is that the way you treat women, not only because they are Chinese like me. We both know by doing what you are doing, you hurt the women. Don't flatter yourself that you are educating them with the sexual experiment or let them explore the liberating experience with you. That is just bullshit. Having sex like a man never works for women, I guess Sex and the City already taught us that. In my opinion, comparing to using money, it is more despicable that you get them to bed by pretending to love them.

ChinaBounder said...

whitetrashfucker said... …Gosh, you know better than that all those women are gold diggers…. They just want your green card

Since I am not American the green card is beside the point.

It is not about money. The women I am involved with know I am a teacher, and thus know I am not a rich guy.

...Don't tell me they are attracted by you

Of course they are attracted by me. This is not in the slightest because I am good-looking, charming, funny or good. It is simply because I am different to local people Difference is inherently interesting. That’s really all that lies at the core of it.

Putting it down to money, to ‘gold diggers’ suggests to me you have not really thought about the dynamics of personal relationships, cross-cultural attraction, or indeed life in contemporary China.

Anonymous said...


I clearly remember you said since one girl asked you to supply the three words she said be you, and you thus supplied, although you think you probably should not do so...dont eat your own words. check what you said. In your first blog, you alsl said that since your first break up with your long term Chinese girl friend, you dicedided no real serious relationship, no true love, but you did not keep it as you've said too many love to too many woman since then. Do you need others to cut and paste what you wrote? Be honest at least u will earn some credit! Todd

Anonymous said...














   而爱情对于男人来说又是什么呢?在爱情上,男人的宿命和狮子有些类似,尽管男性的占有欲并不保证他的贞洁,他可以认同自己有外遇,然后又对自己女人的行为吃醋。虽然用狮子做比喻并不十分恰当,但是狮子群都是以雌狮子为基础的。 2~18只雌狮子、小狮子和1~7只雄狮子形成一个狮子群。平均3年雄狮子会被改朝换代,也就是被外面来的雄狮子驱逐。不变的是雌狮子、小狮子和地盘。猎取食物主要靠雌狮子。小雄狮子到3岁的时候也要被驱逐出这个狮子群。

Anonymous said...

Also, regarding the so called truth in history, it really depends on who you talked to. If its those who went to no name universities and attend night classes for English test, which I suppose is where u earn your bread and butter, they are just brain-washed by the system. Apparantly your Chinese is not good enought to let u read those online discussion forums in Chinese. Even under the cencorship system, people openly discusses the cultural revolutions, the starvings - only those brain-washed beleive that they are caused by natural decreases. The names of the three officials you quoted are well-known in China, they are all second or third gerations of former senior government leaders, and are now holding powerful positions again through their right connections. I can give you a much much longer list, more than a hundred, including Jiang Mianheng, Jiang Zemin's son, Li Xiaopeng, Li Peng's son, so what? We know it, we cannot do anything about it so far frankly. A lot of people do not know about it because they have been brain-washed and manipulted by the controlled media. You can of course condemn their ignorance, like we can all condemn the Germany under Nazi's ruling, and the North Korean under Kim family's ruling, does that help? Not likely. What do u expect us to do? Rally up against the guns and tanks again like what stedents did in 1989? U westerns seem to care a lot about China, however, what did u white guys do to help us? Seducing and fucking the girls here? Do u also know that both google, yahoo and other big internet companies are willingly helping Chinese government on internet censorship? don't u think it is a bigger joke?

ChinaBounder said...

Anonymous said… is more despicable that you get them to bed by pretending to love them

I do not recall telling Mona I loved her. Or Gloria. Or Candy. Or Ellen. Perhaps you could point out where I said this?

Actually most of educated Chinese people know about our rather recent tragic past

I’m sorry, but you’re flatly wrong. People know only the most hazy generalities about their past. Again and again they will tell me that the Cultural Revolution was ‘a mistake’ or ‘an error.’ This is akin to saying ‘Adolf Hitler was a bit unpleasant to Jews.’

Tell me who Li Keqiang, Li Yuanchao and Xi Jinping are, without Googling, and then we’ll see how much you know about your government.

ChinaBounder said...

Todd said... I clearly remember you said since one girl asked you to supply the three words she said be you..,Be honest at least u will earn some credit!

I do not recall telling Mona I loved her. Or Gloria. Or Candy. Or Ellen. Perhaps you could point out where I said this?

You are right that I lied to Lucy about this – Lucy who said, indeed, ‘Just lie to me!’ I regretted it at the time and I rather regret it still.

In general I do not talk of love to women I do not love.

Anonymous said...

U R Son of B******!^_^

Anonymous said...

that was not how you wrote in the past, u liar! See ur own words:

Making love (and especially for the first time) was of course a bigger deal for Lucy than for me. So later the next day when we chatted online, she wanted to hear those three words, words she had said three times during our revels; and, since she directly asked for them, I supplied them. And in subsequent conversations, she began to fall -- or had fallen – in love with me. I should have discouraged it, but she was such a hot fuck that she was quite a lot in my mind too.
  I guess I ought not have told her those words, since they were not true. But at the time it seemed the easiest way to proceed.

ChinaBounder said...

Anonymous said... Also, regarding the so called truth in history, it really depends on who you talked to. If its those who went to no name universities and attend night classes for English test, which I suppose is where u earn your bread and butter, they are just brain-washed by the system.

In fact I teach at the ‘best’ universities, Fudan, Jiao Tong, Zhong Ou and so on, and I have found time and time again that students are largely ignorant of their own history. People like you, who are clearly educated and well-informed, are a distinct minority.

But of course this is not at all a ‘Chinese’ problem. Most people in any country know very little of their own history. I could tell you rather little about the kings and queens of the UK, for example.

A lot of people do not know about it because they have been brain-washed and manipulted by the controlled media.

So we agree.

You can of course condemn their ignorance..

And sometimes – too often – I do; and that is unfair of me, of course. It is not as if they are willfully ignorant. Like you say with the government, they do not choose the situation, it is forced upon them.

But sometimes I let my irritation get the better of me, especially when some student who knows nothing of the history of his country tells me that ‘Japan must face up to history.’ Sometimes I get irritated when faced by the excessive nationalism of some students, when they know so little of their nation.

The names of the three officials you quoted are well-known in China

Again I disagree. You know them since you are clearly well-informed. Most people – and I have talked to hundreds – do not. But again this is just the way society is; most people in my country could not name more than one or two senior government members.

U westerns seem to care a lot about China, however, what did u white guys do to help us?

Nothing at all, and it makes me incandescent with rage. All our Western governments talk about democracy, but in truth they do not care what China does as long as they continue to make money from it. Bush may be a bit of a cowboy, but thank fuck he tried to stop the EU, greedy scumbags that they are, resuming arms sales to China.

Of course I know about Google and Yahoo, and I have refused to use Yahoo in any way since their disgraceful and cowardly behavior regarding Shi Tao.

You are absolutely right; Western firms – Cisco, Microsoft et all – helping China improve its censorship is the bigger joke.

What do I do?

Perhaps nothing. I talk about the kind of issues we are discussing here in class, risky though it is, and I try to urge 'my' university students to broaden their thinking. But if that has any effect at all, I don’t know.

People like you, the best hope for China, are, I am convinced, in a tiny majority.

谁是智慧 said...

"Many people here still marry their first boyfriend or girlfriend, and a sizeable proportion are virgins when they marry..."

are you really in China??? esp. shanghai???

if yes, i really feel pityful for your ability of observation.

and by the way, each one has his/her way of life. there is no sense sitting infront of the computer and typing words to show your feel sorry for them or your "superiority". there are people feeling sorry for and superior to you though.

谁是智慧 said...

and thank you very much for your concern for china. of course there are many problems in china now; political system, enviornmental issues, corruptions in the team of public servants, education, medical care, housing... but do believe that chinese people are going to make a better china. and china, as a whole, is going to be the most powerful economy.

as I expect you to know there were/are many problems in the western societies including uk too. set-backs and inbalance are inevitable in the process of development.

im sorry to tell you that, all the western friends i have are nice, and they gave me a good impression of their nations, which, now has been stained by you. but thank you very much for allowing me to know western "cultivated" people better.

amazed to know that you are a teacher. 己不正焉能正人?

Anonymous said...

Hey, chinabounder !
stop commenting on this.
let's move on to the next woman.

Sam Whitemoss said...

Re: the long written Chinese entry above, I thought I'd try to translate it online.

Here's what it says:

"If, (although mostly female can say this kind of condition will forever not be able to occur), the armor second grade two groups of people, are stranded thirstily in the desert very painful, in armor group person each manpower will have a key, in second grade group person each manpower has a locked water bag, two people will be able to open the water bag together to drink the water, if will all not drink water, according to the inborn bodily condition armor group person will be able early painful, but the second grade group person only acknowledged oneself physical strength quite will be weak, in normal condition each month of class several days blood.The second grade group person's gentle statement water bag condition is this whole life only can drink water with his/her.Had the armor group person to comply, but discovered this second grade group person gently no longer is actually proposed unceasingly the new request, and competed the fruits of victory with other second grade group person to come.
If you are the third person, you are thought which group of person is shameless?In all not perfect situation.

The men and women start when all has deceived opposite party.Male said can 10,000 years, female not say own tutelage level can drop.If male did not say 10,000 years female do not give the reproductive organ, but the physiological structure had decided male compared to female needs opposite party reproductive organ early.In other words, when starts, female has coerced male.Afterwards, the male regret, female had persisted must cash that 10,000 years, otherwise noisy, even if has surpassed anybody imagination in the later period female own level drop.

What does the woman depend on to survive?Depends on you to think they (also) naively.

After opens the bud for 3 years, the female tutelage level can have an extremely big drop;After has a child, also can some extremely big drop.After two drops, looked in the tutelage level that, the major part female did not have the human appearance basically.

The woman liberated for 50 years, the woman has been oppressed in 2000, 2000 wisdom practice exploration experience lesson didn't compare for 50 years?In are 2000 people all a fool?

The woman comrade's autarchy, should not merely not depend upon some man's help, but should not depend upon all men's help, including old man.

Woman, if does not need to look after, please indicate clearly;If needs to look after, please obey to can balance looks after.
Also needs to look after does not obey to the balance also does not indicate clearly, is the swindler, the swindler does not match is respected, does not match discusses the equality, only matches 将计就计.

But the man told the truth, the woman has been able the anger not to be able to be surprised;The woman said the truth, the man is scared to death.Woman's happiness establishes completely in to oneself real idea camouflage in.

This is woman's mature place, they do not go to think right and duty is whether equal, needs the right time they said should the equality, speak of the voluntary time they said small and weakly oneself.Because they knew, discussed the equality to the woman said is 死路一条.We can do are, when they do not want to discuss equal time, causes their destiny sorrow diligently.Oh.

You go to the hospital to pull a tooth, must look for the medical skill high, as soon as but enters the room, the full room all is doctor, which medical skill high?At that time the best method, is asks nearby middle-aged male doctor to wait.This is not I says, you go to the hospital to have a look to change the knowledge.The speech if which or, you also support does not give a thought to the woman who woman foundation liberate, hoped you see a doctor when supports female doctor.When arranged behind male and female doctor to the five equally steadily, again discussed the equality of the sexes, the woman liberated.

Hoped any time female all do not have to use the reproductive organ to seek profit for oneself, even if the way possibly very much avoids mentioning, even if sometimes male also supports.But this nobody can achieve, the matter which is left over only can be hoped male remembers also has such a view, when the time comes can earlier comprehend.
The male monkey also everywhere sows seeds, the female monkey has not looked like the woman to be such noisy;
The female monkey also does not have the request to have the room to have Che Wudai only then to marry, after marriage could eat to the full puts on warms good on has not needed everything to compete, is opposite in the woman, basically was clear.
The present condition is, male still was similar to the animal, female already the animal was inferior to actually.

Some eldest sisters said that, curious female also has to outside spouse's nature.But the intensity is same?But you all are also willing for to make love the energy from 12 years old to 80 years old to disburse money?You are also willing for to make love accompany 70 years smiling face?

“In the world has the perfect viewpoint very rarely, if you do not approve of a viewpoint, the best way is says your viewpoint then to compare.The government is an exception, because the government collected taxes.”
Good viewpoint:
1.But based on the logic is not the feeling;
2.Can explain the past present fact, but was not gives an example from the proportion on;
3.Will be able the more accurate forecast future.

“The extension pastes, love is the field dream
We mention first from the woman to man's choice.Because the men and women are pregnant the difference, has the very big difference in several hundred thousand years evolution.The male must spread seed's characteristic to occupy the superiority as far as possible in the evolution.The female must undertake the responsibility which is pregnant and raises, if chooses companion's characteristic not prudently, can cause the descendant to exterminate (discusses is several hundred thousand years matter, is not these millenniums).Thus the female also has the desire and the psychological satisfied question, therefore the female chooses companion's characteristic to occupy the superiority prudently in the evolution.
Therefore the male evolves the result inborn is the pursuer, the result which the female evolves inborn is a choice.Then, when the female student likes commander-in-chief, is authorized richly, the body tall and strong, understood concern man's time, please do not have to blame their reality, they only are carrying out the sacred duty — — choice which the nature entrusts with.
   Their reality, because they must consider is pregnant with descendant's raising.These characteristic deep Tibet cerebrum deep places, are not realize.In other words, even if not the female who educates, also can for have the authority to have the ability the fierce male to fall, this does not have to pass through pondered, but is hides inside the gene, spontaneous generation.
   What then love also is?The senior mammalia animal, raises the children the time quite to be long.The female hoped the companion can help oneself to look for food to raise the children, the protection and the education children, therefore the female any can detain the man in the side characteristic, all is the result which the humanity evolves.The love, is this evolved result.Looked from the nature angle that, the love, is detains the man to help to raise the descendant the object.As for woman's acting like a spoiled brat, on bed enchanting all sorts, the reader should be able to realize it role which acts in the evolution.
   But love regarding the man said also what is?In love, man's fate and lion somewhat similar, although the masculine acquisitive instinct did not guarantee his pure and chaste, he may approve oneself has the extramarital affair, then is jealous to oneself woman's behavior.Although makes the analogy with the lion not extremely appropriately, but the lion subgroup all is take the female lion as the foundation. The 2~18 only female lion, the small lion and the 1~7 only male lion form a lion subgroup.The average 3 years male lion can change from one dynasty to another, also is the male lion pursuit which comes by outside.Invariable is the female lion, the small lion and the domain.Seeks food mainly to depend on the female lion.Small male lion to 3 year-old time also must pursue this lion subgroup.
   The conclusion is, when 雄狮 is very pitiful, basically is everywhere roams about.The luck good may brave death captures a lion group, 3 years auspicious day.Then is overthrown by a younger more and vigorous male lion, roams about once again.Looked from the evolved angle that, the male lion's struggle, the victor is a king, has guaranteed the spermatozoon and descendant's quality.The male lion roams about the destiny, likely the dandelion flower, is the biological gene diversification essential condition.
Eliminates this, the female lion does not need the male lion.
   Love is eventually one “chemistry” dream ......
   But the evolution is the field frigid competition, the female is not the province oil lamp, they can select understood love the man (cannot select occupies inferiority in evolution).Therefore the man in this frigid competition, evolves the ability which loves.Because has the love the man quite is easy to obtain the woman to accept.In obtains in front of the woman, in the heart fills 柔情蜜意, is genuine goods at reasonable prices 柔情蜜意.
   The male is also filling in the long evolutionary process contradictory.If must sow as far as possible, multiplies more descendants, cannot pause (namely a woman place), but if must obtain a female to complete the multiplication for oneself the responsibility, also must let the female think he can pause.Moreover, looks after the family and descendant's characteristic also has evolved the superiority.
   The conclusion is, love is eventually one “chemistry” dream.The nature and loves inseparable, the nature can produce the chemical substance which loves, likes also meeting 增强性 the joy.The woman emphasizes the love, is because shoulders the nature the important responsibility.They should have the object which the absolute qualifications choice loves.
   From to “love” the essential understanding, may discover, actually most ancient marriage, also nothing but is many night of sentiments which produces by a night of sentiment.That night of woman thinks happily, produces to the man the trust, hoped disseminates own gene through this man, thereupon used “love” to detain the man.But man, in order to enable the gene to obtain the effective dissemination, on own initiative and the woman shoulders fosters descendant's responsibility.This remains, perhaps is the very long time, until descendant's growing into, certainly, this does not hinder the man to proliferate the gene dissemination.But once other woman also produces man's descendant, the man has the possibility to be able to leave the original woman to foster the descendant together with the present woman, like this is same, the original woman can have in the material safeguard crisis, in order to avoid this kind of situation, the original woman can invite other women and own lives together, fosters respective descendant together in under the identical man's material safeguard.The intelligent woman possibly can worry comes newly the woman can be deprived of the man to oneself descendant's value, thereupon they very at the right moment help the man to seek other women, detains the man taking advantage of this, causes own descendant not to receive in the life discriminates, "Orange Red" this soap opera has been possible to say “wife and concubines in groups” the reason said understood very much.But also has the man not to have the ability to hold more women, but the sexual desire must satisfy may not, therefore simply and “the child he the mother” continues to live in together.
   To the modern age, the civilized development, the scientific progress has caused the woman in to obtain the material safeguard in the ability more and more big, already no longer needed the man to be able the food and clothing not to have sorrow, but, the descendant needed to foster together actually.How detains the man not to cause the safeguard which other woman encroaches oneself should obtain (rights and interests, including monopolizes this man, enjoys sexual desire satisfied authority which should obtain), that is moral and the legal restriction.
   The conclusion is, the woman has the man who the right chooses tallies oneself requests, this is the perfectly justified natural evolution result.But the woman can detain the man, is actually the result which the social civilization progresses.
   Here not difficult to discover certain causes and effects samsara, the humanity continues enables the social civilization to develop, the social civilization progress enables the woman in to hold on the man to obtain in the moral ethics the superiority.In other words, the woman manner class continued has made the tremendous contribution, thereupon the humanity repaid the woman by the civilized development. “

That should clear it up. Sam.
p.s., all jokes aside, this demonstrates how utterly hopeless online translators are for anything but the most basic of sentences. The translation software just generates a whole load of words, but no meaning.

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I add you to my msn and leave a message, so if you have time, do check it.

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What can I say about you?

As a whole, you and your tribe are less evolved than Chinese, and we are at different stage of evolution. Here are 10 facts, you can search Internet to verify if these are true or not.

1. Your eyebrows are very close to your eyes, and higher above your face surface, your eyes instead, hidden deeply. This is a typical feature of apes. 2. You have lots of hair on your body; this is another typical feature of apes. 3. You have serious stink if you don’t wash yourself just for one day, that is why you must use perfume to expel the bad smell. This is the third typical feature of apes. 4. Your brain size is smaller although you are heavier. 5. The babies in your tribe only pregnant for 40 weeks while we Chinese is 41 weeks, and our babies are heavier than your babies when born. The lower level animal, the smaller the baby is. 6. The twin children happens 4 times per 1000 couples for us but for your tribe it is 6 times. The more babies, the lower evolution level is. 7. Under same condition, the life span of your tribe is 2 years less than us. 8. Your language is easy to learn, and consisted by lots of consonant, while our language is complicated and the reading efficiency is much higher once mastered, and contains lots of vowels. Thus your language is more like animals. 9. The AIDS rate of your tribe is much higher than us. 10. We are more cautious and better capability to concentrate than you, and the mental disease rate is much lower than your tribe.

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If you think that Chinabounder sucks, then hope more people to know about him.
If you think what ChinaBounder wrote is acually what happened in Shanghai and China, and hope more people to aware about it.

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