Friday, May 12, 2006

White guys in China

Anyone with even limited China experience has seen it – old white guy, young, trim Chinese girl. What’s that like? How do they do it? Why? Everywhere you see it – white guys and Chinese girls, always younger, often by decades.

This is how it goes.

Western guy comes out here, aware he is old, tired, used, nothing to turn heads. And thus his self-confidence is not too high. He ain’t gonna aim at the stuff that really turns him on. He’s gonna aim for something a bit plainer, a bit easier. And the plainer, less sought after chick – well, perhaps she knows her worth and makes herself more approachable. Whitey, he’s just thrilled that a woman half his age – even a third – seems to pay attention to him, thrill to him.

See, this is the mistake I made when I first came out here, working in Shenzhen for a year. Set my sights lower than I wanted – didn’t approach the office stunners. So I hook up with a woman closer to my age, and of similar aco background – picking for brains rather than beauty. Ah, that’s the placebo, the delusion – nice personality!

And, sure, we had three years together and it was mostly good. She was kind, loving, dedicated, intelligent. An excellent choice of wife – if I wanted to get married.

We broke up, off she goes to study then work abroad. And sure, we still chat online from time to time, whereat she waxes between ice, thaw and chill – but I am forever in her mind now a bastard. I expect her judgment is right on that.

The break up was acrimonious. Yeah, one point she was throwing crockery at me across the courtyard where we lived, no doubt to the gossipy delectation of our neighbours who, remaining out of sight in their house as they were, were no doubt listening keenly. And pinning the blame on me. Fair shout.

But that was enough for me. I took the decision then – no more serious relationships; let us not talk of love, or marriage, or even a house together. I have not kept to this, for I have talked of love to many women. But only as a means to an end, that end being bed. Felt love? Scarcely!

So, let’s see, this Saturday I was with Star, this Sunday with Sara. Amid this, I kept Cherry in play via MSN, put in a call to Rina, and teased Tulip by SMS. Susan I sent a flirty email, and Wanda I wooed via her blog. I’ll get back to these later, maybe.

But I will begin with Tingting, a figure from my recent past who I still think of, a lover I am sad to see no longer. In general they come, they go and when they are gone I scarcely think of them; those lovers who I have to pause and think for a second to get the name. Lovers like Gloria, like Lucy, like the others I am sure there are but who have sunk beneath the surface of my memory.

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Anonymous said...

Oh My God.
I know how cruel the God is!
Because he made a guy like you!
Oh, Let me call you a bullshit!
Oh, Let me call you a Losser!
Oh, Hope you would die of AIDS!
Oh, I will "prey"for you form now on!
Oh, Losser!
Oh, Bullshit!

fuch you white guy said...

you son of bitch,fuck you.get out of China.

Anonymous said...

you may keep your dirty experiences in your mind.
dangerous to show it on the blog.
anyway, you are a bastard.

herofish said...

A losser of your country! Shame on your mather to born you such a trash! go to hell! son of bitch!~

Anonymous said...

Three cheers man,Keep up the bounding.

From TheMalaysianDude

Anonymous said...

the girls with you are all hookers, you can never get any good Chinese girl like that. why don't you use your own dick to fuck your own asshole, go back to the fucking UK

ChinaBounder said...

anonymous said…the girls with you are all hookers, you can never get any good Chinese girl like that.

Which, as I have observed before, shows how many men in this country do not understand women at all. It seems to me you know little of what women are, what they want. Your ideas of sexuality, like many who have commented on this blog, are patriarchal, ignorant, and risible. In your haste to condemn me you merely prove what I write. You know nothing of your country or its women. You are stiff-necked, arrogant and wrong.

This is the precise reason why guys like me have so much fun in China.

It is an amusing irony that the more you and the other mouth-frothers preen and strut and shout on the blog, the more success I have. You do not see that it is you who drives Chinese women to my arms. In truth, I have to do very little; Chinese women are so sick of your brand of bullshit that all I need do is be normal, respectful and thoughtful to realize all my desires.

Anonymous said...

You should find urself more useful than sitting there count how many sluts you've fucked. Please, get a real life, otherwise, in the close future you are gonna learn chinese.

Anonymous said...

If you think that Chinabounder sucks, then hope more people to know about him.
If you think what ChinaBounder wrote is acually what happened in Shanghai and China, and hope more people to aware about it.

Translate it into Chinese.
send it to
We will post it over

Anonymous said...

son of bitch!!!
get out of China!!!
you will be die!!watch up!!

The Shark said...

A wonderfully civil conversation which I've enjoyed immensely. I must confess that both sides possess a grain of truth. I can understand the anger of the Chinese side, which, as usual, takes an almost "nationalistic" view of their people, and in this case, their women. To them, I say, let these women do what they want; why does it concern you so greatly to condemn this behavior? Would you be so angered if these affairs were conducted between two white lovers in Europe or America? I suspect not. So, why the anger when it occurs between a white man and chinese woman? There is no difference!
As for the Shanghaibounder, he is partly correct that Chinese men don't often understand their own women (or more correctly, that Chinese women are much more DIVERSE than the pure, innocent,girly ideal which they likely have in mind. In fact, many Chinese women are quite sexually open and enjoy these freedoms...and, I'm sorry to say, they are NOT prostitutes. But, the pure innocent Chinese woman is of course in abundance as well). Nonetheless, our Shanghaibounder can not claim to understand these women completely either. Why does he use soothing, caring, respectful words to lull them? Yes, they seek these qualities, but not for a one-night stand. They seek them for the long term. Hence the flower pots being hurdled at his face. If Chinese men can demonstrate the same sort of caring and respect to their women, a lot fewer Chinese women will flock to white men's arms. But again, does it really matter who is white and who is Chinese? We are talking men and women, not West and East.

Anonymous said...

No comments, most western guys are not so smart as Chinese men, but so many Chinese girls are even more stupid. Maybe God gives too much wisedom to Chinese men but balance it by using stupid Chinese girls to compensate his western sons.

begona said...

I think at least u are sincere with urself. Also good to note that u are the guy who knows what u want in life.

The only problem is u are way bit too depressing and kinda desperate towards love and women.

If u ever tried to treat things in a positive way, I believe u would have made ur life another one.

I m not sure if that another life would be promising one for u but I do find ending ur life up in bed with just another girl u dont have feeling for is sad.

Anonymous said...

you do not understand chinese girls. get out of china. self-righteous guy.

Anonymous said...

Somebody should hunt this motherfucker whiteboy down, sharpen a pair of box cutters and slice his throat clean. Start the vigilente.

Kevin Nee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ChinaBounder said...

Kevin Nee said… ‘you better pray i don't find your ass cause if i do ill beat the shit outta your cracker ass.’

Dude, that bus left a loooong time ago. My 15 minutes have long since passed. There’s no one else here but you. No one cares about this stuff anymore. Yesterday’s news; gone, defunct, departed.

Ah… I see you deleted your comment. The penny dropped, huh? Perhaps you found someone else to be angry about. Well done.


Po kum Yung said...

Whats wrong with you lot ... he is only letting them have some good old english sausage .. they are all the same matey all over the world .. you can doo em all on a pack of lies.. its the truth that they WANT to hear...

I too will be in Bejing soon and will try some of your trix and a few new ones of my own..

SMS they love it ... 3rd world girls mmmmmmmmmagic

Anonymous said...

you deserve it.fucking untill you die alone.

Anonymous said...

not all the chinese girls like who u met .i have several foreigner friends,we never did things like u do. once time i met one italian guy i really like him.but i refused to sleep with him for people said chinese girls is easy to get!!!~we hate people describe chinese girls like bitch!

Anonymous said...

Want us out? Okay how about this: We'll all leave your country if we can send you all the black pieces of shit that screwed up our country. Deal?

rich said...

Can anyone explain to me why this is so infuriating to them? Why does it concern you who goes to bed with who?

wal said...

hey, you stupid ass scammers. go fuck off and do something useful or productive like a chinese man instead of making shit up.

People, flag this retarded blog and report it as "Report a Terms of Service Violation".

fucking dickless bloggers

however if this sad white dude really does exist then I welcome him to come to my house. I offer to tie you up, slit open your chest and abdomen, then eat your guts while I stare straight into your tortured soul. How thoughtful I am.

ChinaBounder said...

Wal said… [same old, same old..]


There’s no-one here any more. It’s old news. The scammers don’t bother look. Even I barely bother look. Go find some better ways to waste your time.

Anonymous said...

Don't you ever think about the pain and suffering you cause the other person? It seems their feelings mean nothing to you. They had a right to avoid the suffering you are going to bring them because you love them physically but you don't really love them at all.

Live sex said...

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Anonymous said...

Well I sure hope that before you went to China, that you got BOTH Hepatitis B and C Vaccinations and was tested that both had achieved full immunization, because 78% of the Chinese Mainland population HAS HEPATITIS B and/or C and BOTH WILL eventually give you the gift that keeps on giving - LIVER CANCER and permanent HepB/C Virus Infections. There is NO CURE for Hepatitis, period. Hepatitis is EPIDEMIC in Asia, especially China and SE Asia, has been for the last 100 years. Hep B and C are passed on by only 3 ways - Sex, Birth Process or Dirty Needle Sharing. Look it up on the Internet, if you doubt.

So do you think you were cool now bedding down all those Chinese Girls?? Better get your Hepatitis test now bub?