Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Weekend Dilemma

I saw today something I have never seen before; a parent on a bike with a kid, and the kid wearing a protective helmet. A Shanghai parent who thinks! Astonishing.

That was the new; as for the old – that was the bars and tubes and streets and coffee shops and restaurants here, which are full of people celebrating Japan’s world cup defeat at the hands of Australia. Ah, the endless ugly ignorance of Nationalism. China seems to pride itself on such stiff-necked stupidity.

But of more concern to me, Which woman to choose this weekend?

First of all there’s Ellen. Now Ellen was one of the very best fucks I’ve had here in Shanghai, hot, sexy, uncomplicated. I’ll describe that night in more detail in due course, in all its glorious and passionate detail. But it was some months ago, and, in the time since I saw her last the memory of that night has ripened and matured, and so I’ve been keen to see her again. But last weekend she was busy, the weekend before I was tied up, and I do not want to put her off much longer.

But also I want to see Feena again; I have put some work in on her already, and if I leave it too long before seeing her, that preparation will go to waste. I’ve taken her out to dinner once and had coffee twice. The last time we had coffee she needed the merest push to make her come home with me but, that night, I had other plans and so held back.

Feena, the first time I met her in class, was an open book; bright, confident body language, her eyes on mine, that hint of blush in the cheek, the dilated-pupil response, the slight breathlessness. Lovely bright smile, sparkling eyes, cute Shanghai-girl clothes. This, the way she looked at me, and the way she lingered behind after class, made me pretty certain I could bed her. But since we were still in class, since I was still her teacher, I kept at least some outward veneer of professionalism to my response to her, even though inside my attitude was anything but teacherly.

By chance I met her a few days after that first class on the platform at People’s Square subway. She was heading home to Changshu Lu, so we talked as we rode the tube there. Her body language was, once again, very clear. She told me she was home alone at the moment, her parents on business in Changchun. Again, if she had not been a current student I’d have leapt on that, asked, ‘What kind of house do you live in?’ or something like that. Then I would have lightly steered that conversation so that she could say to me ‘Why don’t you come and look?’ and thus would have spent the night with her. But once again I kept it professional, since she was a current pupil. Even so I did put in a little groundwork, the better to seduce her after class.

This groundwork was simple, easy stuff; really, it was no more than just greeting her by name when I saw her there on the platform. Basic, sure, but effective, because the class I taught her in had a good number of students in it, and I teach many different classes. The fact that I remembered her name, then, was flattering to her, and indeed she commented on it – ‘I’m really surprised you remembered my name, you must have so many students!’ I am sure she was thinking something slightly different – ‘He remembered my name, I must have made a big impression on him.’

But really the matter is quite simple; at the end of each class I make a note of what I have taught so that I do not repeat myself in the next session. In this notebook I also jot down the women that catch my eye – either by name, if I know it, or by description followed by something about what we talked of, so that the next class I can say ‘And how was your week at X Corp.?’ (or whatever the case may be) and thus lead them to think their sparkling personality made a great impact on me.

Now Ellen is a sure thing, and she’s cute, smart and lively, a lot of fun in bed. But Feena is not a sure thing and naturally I have no idea what she’s like between the sheets. So Ellen appeals to me for a sure night of passion, and Feena appeals to me for the thrill of the chase. Now of course I could just take one to dinner Friday night and the other Saturday night. But I have early class Sunday morning, meaning firstly that some measure of early night is required Saturday night and, secondly, if I have a woman with me, the necessary 7 a.m. Sunday start will not be a graceful conclusion to our revels.

I had decided to invite Ellen out Friday, and spend the night with her, and then Feena Saturday, on the basis she might, after all, not want to come home with me.

But then Tulip messaged me, to tell me she had 5 days’ holiday and suggesting dinner.

Tulip, as I mention somewhere below, is married, and rather unhappily so. The guy in question is not right for her, and she mainly married him to please her parents. Now, sure, I would love to take her to bed, but with Tulip bed is not a priority; I am extremely fond of her, and greatly enjoy time spent with her for its own sake. And so I will have to give some thought as to how to balance these various offers.


Anonymous said...

you are really the nastiest fucking shit i have ever seen.

ChinaBounder said...

Then you haven't seen much of the world. Maybe you should get out more.

Anonymous said...

you are among the most honest blogs that i have read.

Anonymous said...

yes, maybe i should get out more, but I won't fuck myself around like you. Mad fucker

Anonymous said...

Do you feel that Shanghaiese women are comfortable knowing that they are in a harem?
Have you heard of PUA?

Anonymous said...

I expect you'll enlighten us on WTF is PUA?

Anonymous said...

PUA: pick up artist, plasma uric acid? :)