Thursday, June 01, 2006

To the bedroom

Come to the bedroom’ I whispered.

Won’t it be weird?’ she asked.

It will be fine… come…’ With that, I raised her to her feet and, taking her hand, let her to the bed.

It’s weird’ she said.

It’s fine’ I replied, kissing her again. Slowly she got a little more responsive, and as she did so I became more bold, running my fingers under her top, over her belly and bra, and then under her bra, finding her nipple, caressing it.

So more kisses and then I wanted to undress her more, so I took the hem of her top to peel it upwards. She resisted a little, locking her arms to stop me undressing her. ‘It’s weird’ she said, and ‘What will you think of me next time we meet?

I assured her it would be fine, that this was good, sexy.. but she was still a little shy, bashful, and so I had to cajole some more. After a few moments she yielded, letting her arms go limp so I could lift the top off over her head. Then, as I kissed her again I undid the catch on her bra. It was, of course, plain, dull; Chinese women seldom wear gracious lingerie. She crossed her hands over her breasts, still shy, and so I had to cajole her once more to be less timid.

Her breasts were not the greatest, lacking some definition, and with small, small pink nipples and aureoles. I kissed, licked her there, sucking on each while I ran my hand over her pussy and slipped open the button of her jeans; and then down with her zip and off with her trousers, before pushing her back on the bed. By now I was mostly naked too, and I gave her the speech, telling her she was in total control, she did not have to do anything she did not want to, and if she said stop I would gladly stop. Now all of it was true, and I would have stopped had she asked. But that was not why I said it; I said it to show her I was a decent, trustworthy guy, so that she would be the more willing to fuck.

She did not ask me to stop, and so I did not, kissing down her body to her sensible beige panties. Sure, there was a pound or two that could be trimmed, but what of that? Sexiness comes from character as much as body, and she had plenty of it.

She surprised me, however, by saying ‘It will hurt…’

You’ve never done this before?’ I asked.


‘But.. you had a boyfriend before?’

‘Yes.. I had to stop him lots of times, he wanted to.’

‘Why did you stop him?’

`I don’t know…’

What I really wanted to ask was ‘So why are you willing to fuck me, who you know so slightly?’

I kissed over the top of her panties, taking off my last clothing as I did so, and then moving up to kiss her mouth, kisses to which she responded with more passion. And then back down, fingers under the panties and off, to reveal a rather nondescript pussy, a little unkempt, au naturel. I ate her, and she liked that – quite a prominent clitoris. I also explored her asshole, running a finger in a little way. She flinched slightly after a moment or two, so I stopped and concentrated more on bringing her off. When she’d come I began my fiercer attack, moistening her well and bringing my cock to the point. I began to slide in more easily than I had expected, but it soon caused pain, so I reached for the lubrication. I had somewhat hoped to avoid that, since the tube of lube in the bedside drawer shows what a slut I am; but it was necessary. It helped; though the pain continued she felt nothing so bad as Sara felt (and still does) and after a few minutes I was fully inside her. Mostly just missionary, after some minutes of which I withdrew to rest a moment, and to suggest she come on top. She refused.

You think it’s `weird’?’ I asked. She did. So back in missionary, only this time I pushed her legs up to change the angle. ‘Does it feel different?’ I asked.


‘You see? Every different position feels good..’

Later I tried to get her to come on top again.

Why?’ she asked.

‘Because it feels good.. it’s sexy..’

‘Won’t it hurt?’

‘No… you can control it, you do what you want.. so let’s try and if it hurts we can stop…’

Again she was reluctant, turning away from me, rolling over so her back was toward me. So I approached from that way, at which she squeaked and half rolled back, so that she was now on her side. I entered her thus, scissors-like, and she enjoyed the feel. ‘See? Every position feels different… do you like it?’

Mm’ she said. But that position, half doggie, like fully doggy, is too much for me and I could not go long without my orgasm rising. So I withdrew and once more urged her to come on top; and this time she yielded, climbing on top, cautiously fitting me inside her.

Once I was in she saw that what I had said was true; it felt different, and good. She got quite into it, working herself up and down on me, leaning forward to press her clit harder against me, trying to bring herself to another orgasm. As she did so, I pushed back against her, and again explored her asshole, deeper this time, almost getting my finger past the sphincter. ‘How does that feel?’ I asked.

Weird’ she said.

‘But not bad?’

‘I’m not sure…

Together we worked up a rhythm that took her, I think, all the way there, for she collapsed against me, satisfied.

Several times she’d ask ‘Have you finished yet?’ meaning, had I come. Of course I had not, and I took her unsurety about it as consistent with her being a virgin. Talking about it with Clarissa online the next day, she asked ‘Do you think she was cheating?,’ a reasonable question; but I think she was telling the truth, that she was indeed a virgin. Once more, now, she asked if I’d come. ‘No.. I can control it – but I will come now, if you want to finish.’

So back to missionary, a few minutes of vigorous thrusting, and I was about ready, felt it gather and prime in me, and withdrew to come on her belly, coming big, spurting some up to her hair – she squeaked – then directing it more downwards, a spurt, a second, then a pause as it gathered again and a set of longer, heavier spurts.

After I’d done, and had leaned down to kiss her, she was a little bit piqued that I’d come on her. Again, I took this as evidence of inexperience. ‘I thought you were going to use a condom’ she said.

I guess you think this was was ‘weird’ too? But that’s they way most people do it, dear.

Her pique did not last for long, and we talked as we lay in each others arms.

How did you know I’d do it?’ she asked me.

I wanted to say ‘I could see it in your eyes. It was obvious from the moment you got in the taxi here, and was likely even before that. That’s why I wanted to see you today.’

Instead I gave the more flattering version. ‘I did not know… but I hoped.’

‘What if I’d refused?

‘Then I’d have kissed you on the cheek, given you the DVDs, and walked with you back to the tube. I would have been perfectly ok with it.’

We chatted about other stuff, such as her last boyfriend, and what between us next (I told her she should decide what she wanted to do, to carry on as friends or lovers). Then she showered (and said there was blood when she washed. There had not been when we fucked; she might have been cheating me, but still I doubt it), dressed – like Sara, like Lucy, wanting to do so on her own. Even though we’d just been as intimate as it’s possible to be, she still did not want me to see her get dressed. And then I took her in a cab home.

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ChinaBounder said...

You understand nothing about China and nothing about the West. It appears to me your foreign education has been a total waste of time – just like it is for so many Chinese students. I have scores of Chinese friends studying overseas. They often send me pictures of their life abroad; and in every picture it is them and other Chinese people. Never any locals. Whose fault do you suppose this is? If you eat Chinese, think Chinese, talk Chinese and live Chinese while you’re overseas (as most Chinese students do) then how ever can you hope to understand the society you live in? The reason you feel foreigners have a `conceited’ manner is because you have not taken the trouble to get to know them. You are a guest in their country; you must get to know them rather than vainly hope they will get to know you. Perhaps you should try to understand the country you are in before you dismiss it.

Sure, the UK follows the US in a rather subservient manner. It’s the only way `we’ can pretend to be a powerful country these days. The British like to think they are still a power in the world, but of course they are not. But we British can change our leaders, and we can complain about them just as much as we want. For all China’s `5000 years of history’ (you really believe that? Wow!) no one has ever asked the people of China to choose their own leader. True, our system isn’t great. But it’s a fuck sight better than the rotten, cancerous system that runs your country and consistently holds the people of China back.

You have a totally shallow and one-dimensional view of life. Your attitude is one I have heard again and again -- `If you don’t like China, leave.’ You seem to feel that since I live in China I am bound to admire and respect it without question. For you, there are no shades of gray. How comforting it must be to live in such a simple world!

Anonymous said...

Man,seducing little innocent Chinese girls makes you feel proud? U are such a abnormal sexholic and Ur words make most readers sick. U simply looks down upon the ones who slept with U, but have U ever relized how devilish U are? U feel pleased in using the word "seduce", but do U know it could be considered a crime here? U know so little about China, but taken too much for granted. Ur blog is read by millions of people and U may smile at becoming so well-known. However, is it really Ur accomplishment? U are taking advantage of others' tragic memory and utilizing it to make you famous. The result of us reading your blog is a unique one: to dispise U.
By the way, U think U have known many Chinese women, but do U know exactly how many Chinese women there are? Not every woman cherish to have sex with U! Most of us would probably scold U!
Lastly, I'm sorry for the school that hires U and I'm worried about all the girls in that school.

Anonymous said...

chinabounder, though i detest the scoundrel way you fool around in shanghai as it does hurt many innocent people, i agree with you in many aspects that 1) chinese males are by and large dull, passionless, awkward and coward...kind of collective impotency;2) locals have been exaggerating, miscomprehending and overacting to an extremely patriot and nationalism extent.

having said that (obviously an unaccepted betrayal in the eyes of the majority of my compatriots), i would like to suggest you perceive our culture, our people and our society from an alternative angle. it is to be more contextual and psychological. you gotta to know, to open our mind takes time, the impel shall be from within instead of forced or emposed from outside, and the underlying rationale of this witch-hunting furore is largely associate with one of our essential human natures - insecurity and fear of loss. man,you have stabbed right into our achilles heel simply with your forthright and aculeate assessments. except hatred and hostility, what else do you expect of us?

from a cynical point of view, you should take pride in having provoked the national numbness and exposed the fabricated harmony between the two communities (chinese and foreigners).

appreciate your aptness and sorry for the current prevailing xenophobia.

carpe diem

Karibdis said...

very good post anonymous no.2, especially highlighting psychology: in China, human behaviour and feelings tend not to be explained using 'scientific' psychology, but using cultural/tradtional interpretations, exemplified in some ways by the 'I am a traditional woman' sorta thing..

I have been told by Chinese once or twice that discussing ones problems, seen as healthy in western society, is often interpreted in China as a sign of weakness.

In some ways this is surprising, given the emphasis on 'practical scientific understanding' both through the communist era proper and today, but on the other hand it is not given the resilience of 'traditional chinese' culture in the face of avowedly aetheist, marxist encroahments from the state, and given that has all been happening relatively recently and on a massive scale.

The status of women in China also exemplifies this: despite concerted efforts by the CCP at introducing sexual equality, china's traditional patriarchal society easily weathered these assaults, and remains strong today.

It is adherence to the vestiges of this patriarchal outlook, characteristic of societies with traditional elements, and not a characteristic particular to china, that makes some chinese men appear from a western perspective such incompetent lovers.

Many chinese women I know feel they need this sort of man (again the traditional women sorta thing..), despite psychological analysis suggesting that they are clearly in an unhappy relationship.

In a way it is the esiest option, especially from the point of view of materialism: tradition requires that the husband supports the wife's financial needs. Husband is always out working while wife, after producing the one child, drops it off at the grandparents (maybe a reason for the continuity of tradition..,) and idles away her time spending her husbands money....

This 'practical', socially defined kind of marriage contrasts to western romantic ideals that are today more based on subjective passion, emotion and well-being.

The great irony, and one which this blog encapsulates, is that despite western conceptions of marriage/relationships/love generally having (in some ways) a more healthy, more subjectively defined basis, many westerners show great cynicism towards these concepts, particularly before reaching the age of 30, whereas many Chinese would view marriage before 30 as preferable or even imperative, and show no qualms about leaping into it.

I guess when its put like this, it comes down to 'individual well-being' vs 'social integrity and continuity'...

Anonymous said...

omfg, ur really making me sick! It seems ur talks are all about having fun with some virgins or married women in bed, those contents are just whatever to me, but why the hell do they related to ur extraordinary shitty political opinions? sex and politics are totally different topics, after I finished reading ur posts I just couldn't believe that I wasted so much time on reading ur chaotic posts... Seriously, dude, are you really gonna spend the rest of ur life in china to continue teaching & fucking some innocent & cheap female students?! Go get a life in England!~ GL!~